Dermabrasion in Utah is a skin resurfacing procedure that has been used for many years to improve lines, wrinkles, acne scars, skin pigmentation, and traumatic scars. Through an abrasive technique similar to light sanding, the top layers of skin that have accumulated years of damage from sun exposure and the natural aging process are removed. This allows healthy skin cells to proliferate and lay down new collagen, which results in a thicker, healthier outer skin layer with fewer wrinkles and areas of discoloration.

Procedure Benefits

Dermabrasion can be performed in the office under local anesthesia or under sedation in the operating room, often in combination with other procedures. A rotating diamond burr sharply and precisely removes layers of damaged skin and allows new collagen production.

  • Effective treatment for wrinkles around mouth, eyes, and cheeks
  • Can soften the appearance of traumatic scars
  • Can improve pigmented spots, acne scarring
  • Outpatient or office procedure
  • Safe and proven procedure

Initially, patients may feel a stinging sensation in the treated area but abates with the application of an occlusive dressing and ointments. The skin is initially raw and is kept moist and protected while a new layer of skin is formed. By 7–10 days, new skin covers the treated area. The new skin has a pink color that gradually fades over a period of 4–6 weeks. As healing progresses and more collagen is produced, the benefits of dermabrasion become more and more apparent.

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