Can Fat Grafting be done in-office?


Fat grafting has become increasingly popular over recent years as patients continue to receive amazing, permanent results from the skill and technique of our Utah facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Scott Thompson and Dr. Douglas Henstrom.

Choosing Fat Grafting

Fillers are great but at some point, patients want to switch to something more permanent or just need more than fillers can offer. Deciding to undergo fat grafting may also be an economical decision as fillers can be expensive when multiple syringes are required. Most patients still want something less-invasive, and can still have this procedure done if only receiving fat to 1-2 areas in the face. Our surgeons are able to do this in-office without the need for general anesthesia and expensive facility fees.

In-Office Fat Grafting

Local anesthetic is used to numb the area of the thigh or abdomen where the fat will be grafted from. Valium is also available to help patients relax during their procedure. The fat is then liposuctioned from donor site and prepared before injected. Our doctors also numb the face prior to injection to make things more comfortable. The fat is then injected with precision to hollow areas of the face. Common areas fat is injected to are under the eyes (tear troughs), in the mid-face, in the temples and in the lips. Most patients tolerate this procedure very well in-office and during the recovery process, which is generally 1-2 weeks. Most patients feel fine within a day or two but it will just take time for the bruising and swelling to subside. Pain medication, an antibiotic to prevent infections, and a steroid to help with healing are all prescribed beforehand so patients are prepared. We also provide thorough pre and post operative instructions to make the fat grafting process as smooth as possible.

Fat Grafting Results

Every fat cell that attaches to a blood supply is permanent from that point on. Not all of the fat will “take” so our surgeons will overfill a bit understanding that a lot of the fat will be absorbed by the body (30-50%). Patients will look overfilled at first but are generally very happy approximately 2-4 weeks after their procedure when they see the results. In some cases, a second procedure may be recommended for optimal results.

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