Otoplasty To Help With Bullying

Bullying is a problem we hear about constantly in the media and is a growing concern in society. Children as young as 6 years old report negative effects of teasing, in and out of school, and it often has to do with differences in appearance. Dr. Thompson sees many such patients whom report serious insecurities due to protruding or over-sized ears. They grow tired of the teasing and resort to covering their ears with long hair and hats as much as possible.

Parents are looking for ways to ease the pain and protect their children from the damaging effects of bullying. Luckily, otoplasty surgery (ear-pinning) is a simple surgical procedure that can correct the position of the ears and changes the lives of many young children. There is little down-time and the cost is much less than many expect. Dr. Thompson has performed hundreds of ear surgeries and enjoys hearing of the increased confidence and happiness that result from this procedure.

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