The Best Facial Resurfacing Products To Try At Home!

Before coming in for our best laser resurfacing procedures or any type of facial resurfacing, try to get in the habit of exfoliating your face a few times a week to bring forth radiant skin. Radiance is revealed by exfoliated the skin and revealing a more uniform surface that reflects light evenly with the right product. What product is right for you? Well, Allure magazine breaks down the best products for each skin type in their latest November issue.


A glycolic acid is incredibly effective for light skin resurfacing because it penetrates deeply. It can be slightly irritating, especially if you haven’t used it before, so use a good moisturizer with it to prevent inflammation. Try to add a lotion that is specifically designed for sensitive skin such as one with ceramides or green tea. We recommend Obagi’s new Hydrate Facial Moisturizer.


Try using a scrub, once a week, with microbeads or sugar and a salicylic acid. This may sound like too much of an overload but the scrub will essentially sweep away the dead cells so the salicylic acid can go to work on the clogged pores underneath to clean them out. We recommend SkinCeuticals Micro-Exfoliating Scrub with SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age Defense as the perfect combo!


Lactic Acid is the way to go as it’s a relatively large molecule that can’t penetrate as deeply as the other alpha hydroxy acids, which means it won’t be as abrasive. It’s best to do a peel once per week at the most. Anything else will likely make your skin drier, redder and more sensitive. Come see Jill for the best lactic acid peel for your skin type.

Once you get in a routine of exfoliating a few times a week, you should start to notice a difference in your pores, skin-tone, and level of radiance. If you still full dull or have wrinkles and pigmentation to tackle, it’s probably best to come in for a consult to see if you are a likely candidate for a CO2 Fractional Laser or other facial resurfacing treatment.

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