Cosmetic Surgery Rises in Popularity

Cosmetic surgeries have increased in popularity in recent years. Among the most popular procedures are lipoplasty, eyelid surgery, breast implants, nose jobs, facelifts, and Botox® injections.

Lipoplasty, or body sculpting, involves removing pockets of fat that you don’t want. The surgeon vacuums out the fat through a small cut in the flesh. This procedure costs about $2000 and comes with a few days of recovery time. In an eyelid surgery (or blepharoplasty), bagginess and loose skin are fixed. You’re looking at between $2000 to $5000 and bruises that should be gone after ten days.

Breast implants are saline-filled bags inserted between the breast tissue and the chest muscles, or between chest muscles and the chest wall. You should be able to go back to work after about a week of recovery, and breast implants will keep you in bed for a day or two after the surgery, with another week or two of recovery. Breast implants will set you back about $3000.

Next, a nose job (or rhinoplasty), involves the surgeon reshaping the nose by altering the structure of the bone and cartilage. The resulting swelling goes down completely after a few weeks, and the nose job will cost you about $5000.

Because your skin tends to sag and fold as you age, a facelift may come in handy to keep you looking more youthful. This procedure stretches out the skin, tightening it toward the scalp and smoothing it. Facelifts run at a cost of at least $5000. A Botox injection is where the botulinum toxin is used to smooth frown lines and wrinkles around the eyes. You will need to have injections every three to four months. Injections range from about $200 to $400 per treatment.

In the last decade, we’ve seen attitudes toward cosmetic surgery change. Once plastic surgery was only for the elite and wealthy, or for the vain. There was a stigma over plastic surgery. However, today those attitudes are changing. Plastic surgery is nothing more than a way to increase self-confidence and get more out of life.

Today, people feel much more free to make choices regarding their physical appearance. As cosmetic surgery becomes more socially acceptable, more and more people are choosing to seek out treatments that will improve their quality of life by increasing their sense of self-worth. They may even openly admit the treatments they’ve had. This rise in the popularity of plastic surgery may come from the decrease in cost. You no longer have to find an expensive Hollywood surgeon. Wherever you live, there are many local clinics that can serve your needs. Whatever your cosmetic needs, it’s likely that your answer is not for away and not hard to obtain.


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