Everything you Need to Know about Brow Lifts

As the aging process advances, the brow starts to sag into an almost flat or horizontal position. This can sometimes inhibit facial expressions. The sagging of the brow can be fixed through a brow lift and thousands undergo this procedure every year. Brow lifts tighten the muscles and lift the skin on the forehead. This results in the brow being lifted close to its original and natural position, all while reducing the lines and creases on the forehead. Here are some facts to know about brow lifts.


Different Types of Procedures

Currently, there are two common ways that brow lifts are done. The traditional approach involves making an incision by the hairline, then removing the muscles that are wrinkling that area. The alternative is the endoscopic method. The endoscopic method makes incisions to raise the forehead and brow region. A camera is also inserted that guides the process along. The endoscopic method is often preferred because it is not quite as invasive. However, the effectiveness of the procedure used can differ for each physician and patient. Meet with the surgeon to discuss which would be the best option for you.


Should Eyelids Be Done At The Same Time?

Eyelids also need to be taken into consideration when doing this surgery. The brow lift surgery only corrects the brow and forehead area and does not address the eyelids. If you have saggy eyelids, you may want to consider eyelid surgery as well— that way both areas are tightened up and not just one.

Post-Operation Expectations

Pain will most likely be present after surgery, but it should be minimal. Some swelling, numbness, and bruising may also occur for a few days after the procedure. These side effects should only be present for a few days. Use cold compresses to combat swelling. If any of these side effects last longer than a week, contact your physician and report the problem as soon as possible. Also, avoiding exercise for a few weeks is recommended.


Cost of Brow Lifts

It’s hard to give an exact price without a consultation. Prices vary from location to location and also depend on the experience of the surgeon. However, lifts usually are between $5,000-$7,000, plus fees for the anesthesiologist, supplies, and facility. Make sure you are considering all factors when making the decision. Also, financing is usually available.


Check out our forehead lift page for more information on the procedure.

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