jenTo many, especially women, “people watching” is somewhat of a sport and can be incredibly entertaining. Strangers are analyzed on wardrobe choices, hairstyles, makeup, shoes, accessories, and general looks. To a certain degree, we can’t help it….we’re human. But I do believe we take it too far, acting as though we’re all experts in all things fashion, style, and beauty. It’s no wonder then, that when we see or hear someone has had plastic surgery done, we jump all over them.

It is somewhat of a contradiction as most of us do something to improve our appearance and look younger through methods such as clever makeup tricks, night creams and serums, face masks and superfoods. So why is it when someone decides to use Botox® do we tend to judge? Is it because we possibly can’t afford it and are envious? Or maybe the competitive side of us comes out and we feel in a way that plastic surgery is “cheating”?

I personally think a big part of it is the stigma attached with cosmetic procedures. Initial thoughts are that plastic surgery involves extreme measures for improvement and that a person must be vain to decide to resort to them. The truth is, most cutting edge procedures/products involve low risk with a high benefit that can greatly improve one’s self-confidence.

And why are we especially hard on celebrities who’ve had plastic surgery? Celebrities are critiqued on every aspect of their lives so it’s really no wonder the headlines tout every possible procedure any celebrity may or may not have undergone. Magazines love to provide before and afters and speculating what they went “under the knife” for.

At the Cannes Film Festival, Nicole Kidman was criticized by local magazines for her use of Botox® and her “frozen” features. They determined her face was “oddly puffy”, speculating she’d dermal injections, and likely too much.

The misuse and overuse of injectables in Hollywood is also a reason why I believe they are easy targets for ridicule. When done right, results should be natural and not obvious. Good plastic surgery makes one look refreshed and rejuvenated. Far too many stars have undergone poor cosmetic surgery and start to look almost unhuman. The practioner definitely owns some responsibility in this, although, it would be hard to say no to a high-paying celebrity making the requests.

Some celebrities are completely open and honest about their plastic surgery, which I find refreshing. Britney Spear recently referred to her lip injections as “fun stuff” and Jane Fonda is open about wanting to look on the outside how she feels on the inside.

“I just decided I wanted to buy myself some time and look more like how I feel,” said the 76-year-old, who had work done on her neck, chin and eyes in 2011.

And who are we to judge someone for wanting to look how they feel? When done right, plastic surgery can certainly make one feel better about themselves and affect how they feel on the inside.



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