The Award-Winning Mineral Makeup Line GloMinerals Is Now Available at Thompson Facial Plastics!

NewBeauty-WinterSpring2011-gloMinerals-2139-CoverANDInsideHow do you choose your makeup?

With so many lines available how does one choose which makeup they are going to use? As an esthetician, I like to try new things and do my research on products I am going to use. Not only am I looking for flawless coverage, I also want something that is going to be good to my skin. The last thing I need is more blemishes, clogged pores, lines, etc. I like to favor a mineral makeup. Mineral makeup does not penetrate or clog the skin. For example, Talc is the number one ingredient in traditional makeup. Talc is a filler/bulking agent. It clogs pores and suffocates the skin which can lead to acne, exacerbate rosacea and lead to other undesirable skin conditions. The number one complaint with using a mineral makeup is that it can look heavy. This is because people apply it the same way they apply traditional product that includes talc. Less is more with mineral makeup.

I am currently using Glominerals. Glo is skin care with color! We decided to carry this line because of the added benefits to their products and also for our patients to use after treatments and surgeries.  They have an amazing camouflage makeup kit that we are starting to include in our facelift packages to cover bruises during the recovery process.

I am currently using their Luxe foundation with a pressed base. I have been very pleased with the coverage and also the way my makeup looks at the end of the day. There are so many amazing benefits in this line which include:

• Powerful antioxidant brew containing Vitamins A,C,E and Green Tea
• Mica- the highest grade, used in place of talc.
• Broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection ( titanium dioxide and zinc oxide)
• Iron Oxides which provide color ( FDA regulated)
glo-minerals-before-after• The most pure and natural ingredients available as well as pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and minerals
• You can only find glo in a professional office such as Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Med spas
• Minerals are micronized which means they lay smoother on the skin and provide continuous coverage
• No coal tar dyes or fragrances – eliminates the risk of any allergic reaction

Glo minerals even has therapeutic benefits. You can use their products after a microdermabrasion or chemical peel for sun protection, cover hyperpigmentation, and to calm redness and irritation.
When choosing your makeup think about long term benefits and what some of the traditional makeup lines may carry that could be damaging to your skin. Visit to learn more about them and visit us at to get color matched! We are always looking to provide our patients with the best skin care there is.

Master Esthetician Thompson Facial Plastics

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  1. Syd-I’d like to schedule a consultation with you regarding the special sent to me in a recent newsletter-accidentally deleted it. I believe it was five weeks of getting the skin in shape for $200 per month. But I may have consult Dr. Thomson for what needs to be done. I had a full facelift in Dec 2012 but have had some serious post-menopausal skin issues since then which appear to involve scar tissue (I keloid) Do you have Saturday appointments at either the Layton or Bountiful offices?

    Comment by Vanessa Bahler-Campbell on April 29, 2015 at 9:16 am

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