ABC4Utah’s Reagan Leadbetter’s Testimonial of Utah’s Top Facial Plastic Surgeon

ABC4Utah’s Reagan Leadbetter from Good Things Utah talks about her experience with Utah’s Top Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Scott Thompson.

“I’m Reagan Leadbetter, host of Good Things Utah, former host on The Daily Dish with Nicea, and I met Dr. Thompson through Nicea because friends share wonderful things with each other. She had gone to him and LOVED him, and I LOVED her face. I said,’I have to meet this doctor, you look like you but younger, so I have to get in on this secret’. And that’s how I met him.”

“I loved what he did to Nicea because he didn’t over-do her and I love that. I think a lot of doctors will kind of go crazy on your face and he does not do that. He wants you to be happy. He explains every tiny little thing. And the more he talked, the more I was like, ‘yes, I want you to do that to me…yes, please!’.”

“I just think he’s so personable and I felt like I’ve known him forever. He will ask me what I like and don’t like and what areas I want him to look at today. So for me, I get ‘sun-bursty’ around my eyes or crow’s feet. And then here in the middle of my brow (glabella), I get ‘the eleven’. But I don’t have it right now because Dr. Thompson fixed it for me! But I don’t really need a lot, I just need a little here and there.”

“After I said these are the areas that bother me, he said he felt the same way and with a little here and there, that should make you feel good. I did ask if I could use something around my mouth (nasolabial folds) and he said not yet, you actually want to have some definition there because that’s normal and that’s what a person should look like. So I don’t want you to do that yet. And I thought, when does a doctor say to hold off, not spend money? He just wanted me to feel like the best me that I could.”

“You will not get pushy from Dr. Thompson, that’s just not in his personality. And that’s one of the reasons I love going to him because he looks at your face, wants to talk about it, wants you to feel comfortable. So the end result is you feel so happy about the decisions you made together and when you look in the mirror, you say, ‘I look better! I look like me, just younger, sexier, whatever that makes you feel like’.”

“I think when you feel better about yourself, it’s worth so much. If there’s just been a little touch up and it makes you feel better about you, that is worth everything.”

“We all get beaten up on a regular basis a job and all the things a mom does or a dad does, I mean I know dads get Botox too, but if you just feel a little bit better about yourself, you can ‘go get em’ a little be easier.”

Botox is common for crow’s feet and ‘the eleven’ that often forms between the brow overtime. For more information on Botox, click HERE to learn more.

Common products used to treat smile lines around the mouth, include Juvederm, Restylane, Artefill and Radiesse. You can learm more about all of these products on our Dermal Filler page.


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