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Nurse Injectors from Utah Facial Plastics Discuss 6 Things You Should Know Before Getting Botox on Good Things Utah

Nicea: We’re back with Alfie and Beth from Utah Facial Plastics. Usually we have Dr. T here but these are the girls that make it all happen. We’re talking Botox today. If you’ve been looking in the more or have gone makeup free and wondering where all these lines in your face are coming from, how do you know if you need Botox?

Alfie: Sometimes you don’t, at least not yet. The best thing to do is come in for a consultation and there’s things you need to do instead. You might not need it or have wrinkles in areas of the face where you need something else instead and there are several things we can do to treat that. Some include skin rejuvenation, chemical peels, skincare, and that can all be discussed at an initial consultation in our office.

Reagan: Beth, you’re new to the team … if I came in and saw you would you tell me if I didn’t need it?

Beth: Absolutely. We would go over your basic needs and what you desire and can always find something to do for you whether it’s skincare or a chemical peel, we’re more than willing to go over it.

Nicea: And let me just say, we’ve talked about make-up a lot today but it’s your relationship with the mirror. It’s what you see or what you’re frustrated with when you look in the mirror. Maybe you’d like to soften just a little bit. Is there a specific age you need to start Botox?

Beth: There really is no specific age for when you should start but most of our patients come in when they start to notice etched lines in the skin, also known as static lines. Those are lines that are there when you’re not making expression. So that’s the majority of patients that we see. Common areas we treat for those lines are around the eyes, between the brows as well as the forehead area.

Reagan: Alright, so if I get a little Botox right here every once in awhile and sometimes get a bruise, how do you decrease that?

Alfie: Okay, so bruising with Botox isn’t very common but there’s always a risk that it can happen. Avoiding aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, vitamin E a week prior to treatment will help, and then we also treat with those cute little ice packs that that helps.

Nicea: Alright, what about imitation Botox? Are there fakes out there?

Beth: Unfortunately there are … that’s why it’s so important that you do your research before you choose and injector. Make sure they have the certification and training behind them so that they know what they’re doing. It’s just a way that sometimes companies choose to cut costs and it can be less effective and just not give you the results you that you’re desiring. So really make sure you choose an injector that orders their Botox straight from the manufacturer.

Reagan: It’s also not just for wrinkles, right?

Alfie: Right … we use it to do a non-surgical browlift if injected in the right spot and then we’ll use it for the bands in the neck. We can slim the lower face by injecting it into the jaw muscles.

Reagan: Oooh … face shaping.

Nicea: Less is more … what I love about these ladies and Utah Facial Plastics is that they’re not going to let you overdo it or have a frozen face look that everyone laughs at.

Reagan: That’s what I love talking to Dr. Thompson about. He really won’t do something crazy on you. He’s not your doctor if you want to look like the joker.

Nicea: Okay, so if you’re at home right now and go to the mirror, what do you call it your resting face?

Beth: With you resting face see if there are some static lines or little etched lines in your skin that have formed overtime and you see them know without any expression.

Reagan: My mom feels like she looks mad. It’s true, if your resting face looks like it’s down, is that Botox or something else?

Alfie: It’s both. We use botox and filler for that.

Reagan: That can really change the way you look if you look mad.

Nicea: And you can tip your toe in the water, right? You can just do a little bit and see what you think and then go back for more if you’d like.

Alfie: Yes, it’s easier to add. You can’t take botox away so it’s better to start out soft and move your way up.

Nicea: Utah Facial Plastics has great specials in July everybody. And go to our website where we’ll have a link up for their website.

To come in for a consultation or to take advantage of these specials, call (801)776-2220.





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