Professional Chemical Peels vs At-Home Chemical Peels

Clear skin and a glowing complexion are two of the top priorities when it comes to beauty.  Sun damage and change is season can lead to dull skin and manual exfoliants sometimes won’t do the trick. Chemical Peels are the next best step for treatment with quicker results and less downtime.  So how do you know where to start and which peel is right for you? Do you invest in professional chemical peels or is an at-home treatment sufficient? An experienced skin expert can lead you in the right direction.

Chemical peels promote smooth skin, reduce fine lines and minimize pore size by breaking down the ‘glue’ between the superficial skin cells. Regular use of peels can induce collagen production long-term in the dermis.”  When you hear of “At-home peels” be aware that they typically penetrate only the epidermis and are most commonly composed of lactic or glycolic acid. They are much more mild than a professional chemical peel. In-office peels typically combine ingredients, including salicylic acid, trichloroacetic acid and retinols to penetrate into the upper dermis where collagen production occurs.

Glycolic peels are helpful for sun-damaged skin to even out skin tone and pigmentation. They also give the skin a nice, radiant glow. Salicylic acid and retinol peels are better for people with oily and/or acne-prone skin. These loosen blackheads, reduce oil and even out discoloration from old breakouts.”

Here at Utah Facial Plastics we use SkinCeuticals peels which have taken their peels to the next level with additional customization techniques including, boosters, dermaplaning, masques, and Co2 cooling.  SkinCeuticals Peel technologies consist of AHA’s and BHA’s. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are predominantly favored for their global anti-aging and pigmentation benefits. Beta Hydroxy Acids are utilized for effectiveness on unwanted oil, acne and pigmentation.

Our skin experts will customize a peel based on your skin needs, skin type and color. A series of chemical peels and post procedure products are best for maximized results from 4-6 treatments at 2-4 weeks apart.

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