Three Key areas that Men are Refining

Aging is a troublesome concept for many men and women. It isn’t only the aches and pains that pain us; it is the way the face changes as collagen depletion continues and tissue just doesn’t seem to stay where it belongs. For decades, women have freely come and gone from their trusted plastic surgeon’s office, whereas many men have suffered in silence. This is fortunately no longer the case.

Whether it has been the ease of using dermal fillers and Botox to mitigate the signs of aging or some other catalyst, men seem to be more open about their concerns related to facial aging today than they were just a few decades ago. The number of men obtaining treatment for their concerns has increased over 200% since the turn of the century – and that wasn’t all that long ago.

Some of the facial concerns that men are saying goodbye to include:

  • Tired eyes. Who likes looking tired when they’re anything but that! Aging eyes can make a person seem like they just need a good nap. Upper eyelids that have grown heavy and droopy may also make a person appear sad or angry. Sagging eyebrows only make matters worse, and yet all of these concerns may seem to arise simultaneously. Any and all of the unpleasant changes to eyelid skin can be addressed with blepharoplasty and a brow lift. Men who refresh with this procedure or set of procedures regain confidence and the energetic vibe they used to have.
  • Turkey neck. The old gobbler belongs on a plate at Thanksgiving, not on a person’s neck. It isn’t always an issue of accumulated fat that is the issue, though a double chin can be a problem (we have Kybella for that). Sometimes, what needs to be corrected is the draping of superficial tissue. Neck lift surgery or neck liposuction can make a man look several years younger due to the sharpness that is regained along with the jaw line.
  • Weak chin. A weak chin profile can be just as bad as a double chin, or worse. A man’s chin is indicative of his strong character and self-confidence. When biology does not match psychology, we have a problem. Men can obtain temporary chin augmentation with dermal fillers, or they may build up their chin permanently with a silicone implant structured perfectly to accentuate their facial symmetry.

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