Botox for Forehead Lines Receives FDA Approval

The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) just approved Botox for forehead lines, the third area of the face to receive approval. The other two areas are between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) and to the lines around the eyes, otherwise known as “crow’s feet”.

It’s no secret Botox has long been used in the forehead but now it’s official. Nothing works better to smooth mild to severe forehead lines and Botox can even provide a non-surgical browlift when the right amount is injected into certain areas above the brow.

Botox Cosmetic has long been the most popular cosmetic procedure on the market with over 7 million treatments performed in 2016 alone. Why is this? Because it works! And it’s been around for so long that it’s considered safe when used by experienced, certified injectors, and is very versatile. Small amounts can be used in other areas of the face to tweak a patients smile, smooth neckbands, and get rid of chin dimples in addition to the three FDA approved areas of use.

“It works by relaxing muscle movement so you can’t raise your forehead muscle and therefore cannot form any lines,” says dermatologist Anna Avaliani. “The new indication will not only help soften the appearance of the lines but it will also help them from becoming deeper. They key is to start early and be consistent.”

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