Lip Augmentation at Utah Facial Plastics with U92

Lip Augmentation at Utah Facial Plastics with U92

U92: I’m here at Utah Facial Plastics with nurse Alfie. I’ve seriously heard the best things about you so I had to come get my lips done. First tell me what I’m doing…is it filler? Is it injections or is that the same thing?

Alfie: It’s kind of the same thing and yes, you are doing a filler. It’s a hyaluronic acid filler. Our bodies carry hyaluronic acid already and it’s what give our skin a plump, supple look and feel. Our bodies break that filler down naturally over time.

U92: Are there different types of fillers?

Alfie: There are. There are several different types of fillers. Different brand names and as far as what fillers we use for different areas of the face.

U92: How long is the lip filler I’m using today going to last?

Alfie: Juvederm usually lasts six to nine months.

U92: When I had my lips done last time, I had a ton of friends asking me questions and I think the main concern was that they wouldn’t look natural. What do you do to make sure your lip augmentation results look natural?

Alfie: That’s a really good question. So the number one rule is not to over fill. Too much product at once can kind of blow out the lip or give it that really sausage, unnatural look. So doing more treatments overtime, as opposed to trying to jam volume in at once is one thing I do for natural looking results. Also, the natural lip is bigger in the middle, softer on the edges. There are several different techniques to give a more natural lip augmentation look but those are two big things.

U92: I’m excited, let’s get started.

Alfie: I’m going to numb your lips first. This numbing cream is very strong. The biggest thing to remember is try not to get it on your tongue.

U92: If I can do this, anyone can. I have the lowest pain tolerance.

Alfie: So sleep a little bit elevated, that can help. And this was a little more than half a syringe of Juvederm.

U92: Here is day two and I have experienced zero pain. The last time I had my lips done by a different doctor, I was in the most horrific pain. This is day five and these are my final results. And I love them. I think they look so natural and she did exactly what I asked her to do and they somehow came out better than I expected. I am super happy with them and will definitely be back.

To learn more about lip augmentation or to schedule an appointment, call (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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