Protruding Ears: Helping Kids Overcome Stigma with Otoplasty on KSL

Overcoming the stigma of protruding ears for kids and teens can be very difficult and sometimes traumatic. Our surgeons discuss an otoplasty on and how it can help kids restore their self-confidence.

A simple procedure with easy recovery

A concern many parents have when it comes to ear-pinning surgery is that it will be extremely painful and has a long recovery. Both assumptions are false. In describing the procedure and recovery process, Thompson of Utah Facial Plastics explains, “The procedure takes between one and two hours, depending upon the specific condition being addressed. It can be done under local anesthesia in the office setting, but for younger children or according to patient wishes, surgical anesthesia can be used. In any case, hospitalization is not required, recovery is quick, and pain control is easily achieved with mild analgesic medications.”

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