How Long is Facelift Surgery?

Surgery length is important to know when it comes to any cosmetic procedure. Knowing this information ahead of time will help you prepare for surgery and understand how long you’ll be under general anesthesia if that is needed for your particular procedure. So how long is facelift surgery?

Types of Facelifts

The length of time will definitely vary depending on what type of lift you are having done. It can also vary depending on who your surgeon is that is performing the procedure, their preferred technique and how long it takes them to perform that technique.

A UFP full facelift (midface, lower face and neck) takes approximately four and half hours for females and five hours for males for each surgeon at Utah Facial Plastics. There tends to be more bleeding during surgery with men and it takes extra time to slow the bleeding down with cauterization. A UFP facelift does require general anesthesia and extra time for prep and recovery outside of the estimated time should be taken in to consideration.

A UFP MACSlift is done in-office under local anesthetic. Because it not quite as comprehensive as a full lift, it takes less time at approximately 3 and a half hours from start to finish. Patients are given Valium prior to surgery and are required to have someone who will be taking them home once the procedure is complete.

For a UFP FaceTite procedure, the process takes approximately 1 hour in-office so requires the least amount of time between all of the facelift options. This is because no incisions are made and no skin is excised that requires reclosure of the skin. The EmbraceRF technology is utilized during this procedure which primarily focuses on tightening the lower face and jowls.

Additional Procedures

Adding additional procedures to any lift will change the length of time of the entire process. Additional procedures often recommended with a facelift include an eyelid lift, fat injections, browlift and/or a submental implant surgery to strengthen the jawline. Common procedures performed at the same time as a MACSlift include an upper eyelid lift, peri-orbital fat injections or lower lid skin pinch or co2 laser. With FaceTite, AccuTite may be included as well as a full-face Morpheus8 treatment for general tightening and improved skin tone. Liposuction of the neck may be recommended as well for enhanced refinement.

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