What is Restylane Kysse?

What is Restylane Kysse?

There is a lot of buzz around the latest lip filler to have hit the aesthetic market…Restylane Kysse. As a top lip augmentation provider in Utah, we’ve had a chance to treat multiple patients with this new lip filler and so far, we are loving the results! So what is Restylane Kysse?

Restylane Kysse is a hyaluronic acid filler from Galderma, the makers of Restylane and Dysport. This product was formulated with XpresHAn technology, similar to Restylane Refyne and Defyne, which allows for a gel that “integrates into the skin for natural expression in motion”. So while it provides structure and volume, it’s flexible and moves with facial expression for a more natural-looking result. It is the first, and only, FDA-approved filler to harness this technology.

While it’s still too early for us to see how long this product is lasting for patients, studies show Restylane Kysse can last up to one year, similar to Volbella from Allergan. The difference was in the amount of product needed for longevity. Restylane Kysse required less product at the time of treatment for it to last up to one year. On top of that, 90% of patient’s partners were satisfied with the results of their Restylane Kysse treatment during trials. This is important information as market research shows that many individuals are hesitant to augment their lips because they are worried about partner satisfaction.

Other popular lip fillers on the market include Juvederm and Juvederm Volbella, the two most popular filler products we have used at UFP. Juvederm is known for how well it “plumps” the lips while Volbella is a smoother formulation of Juvederm with a more subtle result. Juvederm is what we typically use for our “Medium Plump” while Volbella is used for our “Baby Plump”. We love these products and are now excited to have an additional option to include in our repertoire of lip fillers with Restylane Kysse.

For more information about Restylane Kysse in Draper or Layton, Utah, call (801) 776-2220 or contact us HERE.



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