Microneedling and Radiofrequency: An Ideal Partnership

copy of istock 488536814 1A few years ago, we began hearing about the value of microneedling as a form of collagen-induction therapy.  Around that time, medical spas and doctors’ offices were also learning about the power of radiofrequency energy. Devices using radiofrequency targeted deeper layers of the skin for more significant rejuvenation and tightening. It would only make sense that someone, somewhere, would get curious about combining the two. Someone did, and we’re glad, because now we achieve even better results for our patients without adding to their downtime. 

How Morpheus8 Works

The Morpheus8 device is a microneedling tool and then some. Where a standard microneedling applicator makes numerous pinpricks in the upper layers of the skin, the Morpheus8 microneedling applicator uses the tiny needles to deliver controlled radiofrequency energy even deeper beneath the epidermis. Essentially, the use of radiofrequency enhances the effects of microneedling several times over. The controlled heating of the dermis instigates more meaningful tissue remodeling at the adipose level, not just superficially. 

As for the procedure, Morpheus8 is performed after we have applied a topical numbing cream. This, as well as the use of ProNox as desired by the patient, helps maintain optimal comfort from the beginning of the short treatment session to the end. To address a treatment area, the provider presses the Morpheus8 applicator against the skin, allowing the microneedles to perforate and deliver radiofrequency very quickly. A treatment session may take 30 to 60 minutes after the skin is numb. There is no downtime. Patients may experience redness that lasts up to a week but are usually ready to return to work the day following their procedure.

What Does Morpheus8 Treat?

Morpheus8 radiofrequency microneedling stimulates adipose tissue remodeling. The jawline, chin, and upper neck are popular treatment areas because it is in these places that the skin becomes especially loose and saggy. Because energy affects adipose fat, Morpheus8 can also reduce the appearance of a double chin. Additional treatment areas include the face, to tighten skin, reduce scars and wrinkles, and reduce pore size. The knees are also a common area for Morpheus8.

See what Morpheus8 has to offer. Call or text 801-960-3137 to schedule a visit with us at our Draper or Layton office.

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