Utah Facial Plastics Wraps Up 2023 with 6 “Best Of” Awards

In the dynamic world of aesthetics and facial enhancement, Utah Facial Plastics and UFP Aesthetics have emerged as pioneers in the the cosmetic field industry. After 17 running years in business, several nominations and previous years of awards, we honorably took 1st in 6 prestigious awards around the state of Utah.  This recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication to providing exceptional services in the field of facial aesthetics.  We were awarded as “Best Cosmetic Surgery Center” and “Best Medical Spa” in all 3 award ceremonies for Best of State, Best of SLC, and Best Of Northern Utah.

The Best of State Utah Award:

The Best of State Utah Award is a highly coveted accolade that honors outstanding individuals, businesses, and organizations in various sectors across the state. Utah Facial Plastics and UFP Aesthetics have been recognized for their exceptional contributions to the field of facial aesthetics, setting a benchmark for excellence in patient care, advanced procedures, and community involvement.

The Best of SLC Utah Award: 

Each year, the Best of Salt Lake City Awards shine a spotlight on the remarkable individuals and businesses that contribute to the city’s rich tapestry. They celebrate those who have earned the title for the best businesses and places around Salt Lake City.

The Best of Northern Utah Award: 

The Best of Northern Utah Awards, in partnership with The Standard-Examiner, serve as a prestigious recognition of outstanding achievements across various categories. They shine a spotlight on the remarkable winners who have earned this coveted accolade, making significant contributions to the region’s success and vibrancy.

Press Release: Voted “Best Cosmetic Surgery Center” and “Best Med Spa” In Utah’s Top Awards

Salt Lake City, UT – (Benzinga) – 10/12/2023 – It has been a big year for Utah Facial Plastics! Utah’s premier surgical, med spa and hair restoration center announced that they have received he prestigious awards for “Best Cosmetic Surgery Center” and “Best Medical Spa” in the Best of State, Best of SLC, and Best of Northern Utah awards. Utah Facial Plastics stands as a beacon of excellence in the realms of aesthetic enhancement, renowned for their unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled results and exceptional care. READ MORE: https://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/23/10/ab35248056/utah-facial-plastics-ufp-aesthetics-voted-best-cosmetic-surgery-center-best-med-spa-in-utahs-top-

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Utah Facial Plastics Is Excellence in Patient Care

One of the key reasons behind Utah Facial Plastics and UFP Aesthetics winning the Best of State Utah Award is their unwavering commitment to providing top-notch patient care. Dr. Scott Thompson and Dr. Douglas Henstrom, the co-founders of Utah Facial Plastics, have dedicated their careers to helping individuals achieve their aesthetic goals while prioritizing patient safety and satisfaction. Joining them in 2022, another great surgeon Dr. James Manning brings a unique and modern set of skills to the team. The addition of Dr. Manning to Utah Facial Plastics marks a significant milestone in the clinic’s journey toward continued excellence

Utah Facial Plastics and UFP Aesthetics have been at the forefront of incorporating cutting-edge technology and innovative procedures into their practice. From non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments to state-of-the-art surgical procedures, their commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field ensures that patients receive the most effective and advanced treatments available.

Beyond their clinical practice, Utah Facial Plastics and UFP Aesthetics actively engage with the community, providing education and raising awareness about facial aesthetics. By participating in community events,  seminars, along with 3rd world medical missions they aim to empower individuals with knowledge about available procedures and promote a holistic understanding of facial health and beauty.

These awards also highlights the numerous success stories of patients who have undergone transformative experiences at Utah Facial Plastics and UFP Aesthetics. These stories serve as a testament to the skill and expertise of the medical team and the positive impact they have had on the lives of their patients.

As Utah Facial Plastics and UFP Aesthetics bask in the glory of their Best of State Utah Award, the future looks bright. Their commitment to excellence, patient-centric approach, and continuous innovation are sure to propel them even further as leaders in the field of facial aesthetics.


Utah Facial Plastics and UFP Aesthetics have secured their position as industry leaders with these recent Best of State, Best of SLC, and Best of Northern Utah awards. Their commitment to excellence, advanced procedures, community involvement, and the countless success stories from satisfied patients make them a deserving recipient of this prestigious accolade. As they continue to push the boundaries of facial aesthetics, the impact of their work will undoubtedly be felt far beyond the borders of Utah.

Visit www.utahfacialplastics.com or www.utahhairmd.com to learn more about Utah’s premier facial plastics and aesthetics provider.

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