How To Lighten Pigmentation without a Prescription

November 17, 2017

If you know a thing or two about getting rid of  brown spots and hyperpigmentation, you may have heard about retinol and hydroquinone. Both of these products are proven and intended to improve skin tone and texture by exfoliation and skin lightening. To get the highest strength in these products and achieve quicker results you…

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Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing for Everyone!

November 12, 2017

At Utah Facial Plastics we are big on technology, but only if studies show it actually works. Like anything, most things are done best in a series. Nothing is usually a quick fix and some treatments are not best for everyone. Venus Viva skin resurfacing is a non-surgical solution that corrects signs of skin damage and…

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Why Choose Alto Defense Antioxidant from SkinBetter?

September 29, 2017

Why do we want to use antioxidants on the skin? Antioxidants protect the skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which damage skin cells and cause premature aging. They promote health and a youthful appearance in the skin. Using them in conjunction with a broad spectrum SPF is ideal. Free radicals, simply put, are…

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Aging Isn’t a Facial Problem

July 30, 2017

So much of the time, discussion about age revolves around issues that develop somewhere on the face. Sure, crow’s feet or frown lines are good at revealing the secret of your age. Skin laxity, sun spots, and deflated lips have also received a lot of attention. In fact, the treatments that tend to show up…

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How To Get Natural Looking Botox Results

June 26, 2017

Beth Sheiner, Nurse Injector at Utah Facial Plastics in Salt Lake City, Utah discusses how to get natural looking Botox results. Sometimes patients have fears of the unnatural look that they sometimes see on TV or sometimes they hear stories about not getting that natural look that they are hoping to achieve with Botox. It’s really…

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7 Plastic Surgery Procedures You Should Never Get

February 13, 2017

Fox News Health recently posted an article on 6 procedures plastic surgeons don’t want you to get that we found to be very educational and important to discuss with others. With cosmetic procedures on the rise in the US, it’s important to understand which plastic surgery procedures you should never get. Here are a list…

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Utah Men – Think and Act Young To Stay Young!

July 30, 2016

Taking care of yourself as you age should be one of your top priorities. Nobody likes the idea of growing old, so it’s little wonder that the anti-aging industry for men is growing each year. The number of men requesting Botox and filler injections, visiting hair salons, and opting for cosmetic surgery, is booming. Here…

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Are Chemical Peels Safe?

May 23, 2016

  A chemical peel is used to give the skin a healthier and more youthful appearance. But because of the term “chemical”, many patients first ask about the safety. We’re here to answer that question and explain exactly what chemical peels do for skin rejuvenation. Chemical Peel Procedure A chemical exfoliation is applied to remove any…

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