MACS Facelift Information from Dr. Scott Thompson

April 9, 2015

The MACS facelift is similar to a standard facelift in that it addresses the deep muscle. But instead of involved the neck, mid-face and muscle, it really focuses on the jowl area.

The advantages of the MACS Facelift are number 1, there’s no general anesthesia. So this is something that can be done completely under a local anesthetic and your awake and we’re visiting the hold time.

In general, if you look at the before and after of a Macs Facelift, you’ll see that the person looks fresh and rejuvenated but it might not be something that will make a patient look twenty years younger.

Like with every surgery, it’s just really important that we sit down and discuss it together. It’s a great technique for probably the younger patient that doesn’t have a really dramatic amount of jowling.

I feel very strongly that any cosmetic or plastic surgery should not be something that is immediately apparent. The person should not look like they had surgery, they should look like themselves. I’ve had a lot of people come in and tell me, “Wow, I didn’t expect it was going to be this good. I didn’t expect it was going to be this dramatic but I still look like myself. I look like the person I used to look like.”

I think it’s really important that the surgeon is able to help guide the patient in the direction of maybe they don’t need anything at all. It’s a balance of me listening to what the patient is really concerned by but also providing some professional guidance in terms of what actually may not be a good thing to do.

MACS Facelift surgery is not just about the way that people perceive you but the way that you perceive yourself. I think facelift is one of those surgeries that can really make a dramatic difference in your overall self-perception and also the way that people see you.

In general, we’re just trying to make that person be the best self that they can be and maximize their good qualities and features.

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