Chin Augmentation Utah – A Stronger Chin

The correlation between the chin and nose as it pertains to creating ideal facial harmony is strong. If you are dissatisfied with your weak chin, you may be a good candidate for a Chin Implant procedure from Dr. Scott Thomson. A Chin Implant can make a huge, though subtle difference in a person’s appearance. People with a weak chin are often self-conscious and can feel that their noses are too large for their face in proportion to their jaw.

The Chin Implant procedure is designed to create a more defined jaw line. It also helps to balance out other facial features and can make you look thinner, younger and more confident. The procedure itself takes only about an hour to perform and incisions are generally made inside the mouth so that there is no visible scarring.

We invite you to view our Before and After Chin Augmentation Photo Gallery! If you are interested in finding out more about Chin Implants, contact our office to schedule your consultation today at either our Bountiful, Layton or Draper Offices!

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