Preparing for Mohs Surgery in Utah

Mohs surgery is a more contemporary approach to treating skin cancer, wherein skin cancer cells are removed layer after layer and  examined progressively until no cancer cells are detected. Dr. Scott Thompson makes it a point to have the least amount of damage to surrounding healthy skin tissues during a Salt Lake City Mohs surgery.

If you’re scheduled for Mohs surgery with Dr. Thompson, the following pre-procedure preparation tips may be of great help:

1. Stop taking blood-thinning medications such as aspirin  a few weeks before the procedure. Supplements such as gingko biloba and Vitamin E should also be avoided. These types of drugs will most likely increase your chances of bleeding during and after the procedure.
2.  While the procedure itself is done in an outpatient setting and could last for approximately 4 hours, you might want to clear the entire day of surgery. It could be difficult to figure out how extensive the the procedure will be by just looking at the tumor in the surface.
3. Wear loose and comfortable clothing on the day of the surgery.

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