Get Rid of Ugly Double Chin– Neck Liposuction Salt Lake City

A double chin is that fatty flesh below the chin, excess fold underneath the chin, and droopy jowl. There are three possible factors that lead to a double chin: genetics, age and excess weight. If your parents and ancestors had it, you are highly likely to get a double chin as well. If your skin is loosening and you’re experiencing muscle loss, then a double chin is not a far-out possibility. If you are overweight or have excess body fat, droopy jowl is a logical consequence. At any rate, having a double chin will make you look heavier. If you want to appear more attractive with a well-defined chin and neck contrast, perhaps undergoing liposuction surgery in your chin is the ideal move to make.

Having a fatty jowl can be devastating to your overall appearance. You may subject yourself to some exercises and lifestyle changes, but they may never work to remove the fatty portion below your chin. It is even possible to be thin over your body except under your chin. By this time, you need to seriously consider having a neck liposuction procedure. Through well-hidden and tiny incisions, a metal cannula is inserted at your neck-ear area to suction out extra fat. This safe surgery is ultimately aimed to improve your jaw line contour, as well as enhancing your chin/neck contrast for better aesthetic definition.

At Salt Lake City, Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thompson performs neck lipo surgeries with mastery and finesse. A specialist in facial surgeries and head-neck procedures, Dr. Thompson believes in the supremacy of patients to decide the best cosmetic appearance for them. Thus, he truly evaluates the input and specific aims of each patient before giving his professional approval for Neck Liposuction Salt Lake City. You also have the option to undergo neck lipo in combination with other facial procedures such as facelift or rhinoplasty.

Schedule a consultation now with Dr. Thompson to determine your chances with neck lipo. You may do the reservations by calling our office at (801) 666-2820 or via this Reservation Form.

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