Things to Bear in Mind Regarding Mole Removal Procedures

Moles are a kind of skin lesions that you are born with or have grown throughout the years. Scientifically termed as “melanocytic nevi”, they generally appear during your first two to three decades of life. They can manifest either as subdermal (flat under the skin) or as pigmented growth on the skin.

Are all moles dark?
No, there are reddish brown, tan, red and purple ones. However, most moles are in shades of brown and black. Moles are actually overgrowths of your skin’s pigment cells known as melanocytes.

What determines the number of moles?
It is basically the work of genetics, but sun exposure during childhood may increase the number of skin moles.

Are all skin growths moles?
No, oftentimes freckles and other common growths on the skin are mistaken to be moles.

Are all moles cancerous?
Of course not. However, if you have noticed irregular (or changing) mole growths on your skin, they may develop into a skin cancer known as melanoma. You better have them checked by a dermatologist or skin specialist. Furthermore, skin cancer may sometimes appear as a normal mole.

Can “safe” moles be removed for aesthetic reasons?
Yes, such moles which are not malignant or dangerous (accurately termed as benign) can be removed for cosmetic reasons. Usually, there are moles on your face, forehead and neck that you prefer to be without. These moles may be unattractive to your total physical look. Sometimes, moles located on the shoulder, chest and hands are also subject for removal procedures.

What is the first step to cosmetic mole removal?
You should get a clearance first from a dermatologist or skin specialist, specifically whether the mole to be removed is malignant or benign. Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Scott K. Thompson conducts a comprehensive evaluation before recommending any mole removal. The Salt Lake City Surgeon may recommend for a biopsy, which is typically covered by most insurance policies.

What is the removal procedure recommended by Dr. Thompson?
There are various mole removal options today, such as Excision (cutting) with or without stitches, Excision with cauterization, and Laser Excision. Dr. Thompson will discuss with you, given your skin condition and cosmetic aims, regarding the ideal mole removal procedures for you. He will share to you the pros and cons of each available procedure so that the final decision is on you. Moreover, he will provide you his professional recommendation after assessing you thoroughly in order to achieve the most desirable outcome.

Is Dr. Thompson any good with this procedure?
The Salt Lake City Surgeon has for years been practicing and performing mole removals procedures. The passion to better his craft has led Dr. Thompson to constantly update his methods and techniques – given the constantly growing cosmetic innovations. For sample of his performance, Click here to view Before & After photos for Mole Removal

Is there anything to do after the removal procedure?
Yes, but Dr. Thompson will not stop guiding you after the removal procedure. He will provide you with a suggested skin care regimen, including sun protection tips, after having the removal operation.

How to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Thompson?
You can do so by calling our Utah Office at (801) 666-2820 or by submitting this Email Reservation Form.

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