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With a surgical procedure, you may achieve skin rejuvenation but it can cost you a few weeks or even months of downtime. This means that for a period of time, you cannot work or engage in strenuous activities. It is indeed one of the sacrifices that you should be willing to shell out to attain better skin appearance later. But then, you may opt for the non- and minimally-invasive alternatives in cosmetic enhancement.

Utah Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Scott Thompson provides less risky and less downtime options in dermal fillers, through such established product names as Restylane®, Perlane®, JUVÉDERM™, Radiesse®, Sculptra™, and even fat fillers.

Upon initial consultation, Dr. Thompson will determine outright if you are a good candidate for less invasive options. He will discuss with you about your goals and expectations. If you have some issues regarding dermal fillers, more thorough medical and physical tests will be conducted. If fillers are really not suitable, the Board Certified Surgeon will lay down other alternatives (likely to be surgery). But rest assured that Dr. Thompson will not perform any procedure on which you are not truly confident with.

In general, Dermal Fillers in Utah have active ingredients to improve the texture of your skin (fine lines, wrinkles, etc) and to sculpt certain facial areas (lips, cheeks, etc). Compared to surgery options, fillers are usually preferred to treat mild skin flaws because they tolerated well by most patients and are much safer when used properly. And as been mentioned, the minimally invasive alternatives also require less downtime and faster recovery pace. Although predominantly applied on facial skin, fillers are also useful for skin issues on the neck, lips, forehead, among others.

But then again, you should bear in mind that each brand of dermal filler has specific indicated uses, as well as advantages and disadvantages. This is why Dr. Thompson will provide you with details of each of the filler products. The Salt Lake City Surgeon has extensive training in reconstructive procedures of the face and neck. He has undeniable track record of successful cosmetic procedures that bring about the desired face and look of each of his patients.

If you want to schedule a personal consult now, please call Dr. Thompson’s office at (801) 666-2820 or course your reservation thru this Consultation Request Form.

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