Temporal Lift Procedure: Improves Your Facial Look Right Away

Despite being unwelcome and unwanted, facial ageing manifests itself in various forms. But there’s no need to cry a river for it, because there are numerous cosmetic surgery options to combat the onslaught of facial skin woes. As it is, you need to have handy knowledge on the appropriate procedures to undertake whenever you start seeing ugly facial signs. Cosmetic surgery has progressed tremendously that there is now a specialized procedure for almost all specialized cosmetic concerns. (Hint: It is not always about facelift surgery.)

If you are between 40 to 50 years old and experiencing early signs of midfacial and brow ptosis (sagging), you are likely a good candidate for temporal lift procedure – sometimes known as “mini mid-face lift”. With this procedure, excess tissue surrounding your eye is eliminated and tightened to produce a cleaner and smoother appearance. This procedure is primarily intended for minor work – without obviously altering the overall look – addressing some of the obvious ageing that appears on the face.

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Scott Thompson will provide appropriate recommendations regarding your suitability to the procedure, based on your specific skin condition and personal aesthetic goals. He will perform a comprehensive analysis and solicit your inputs. Be straightforward and inquisitive during the consultation to prevent unnecessary hitches during actual temporal lift procedure. Furthermore, get to know as much about the surgical approach and treatable areas during the consultation time.

Expert Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thompson utilizes a special camera during the procedure, and incisions are made very small and hidden within the hair. Within seven to ten days from operation, recovery is already on the order. This is indeed quite a pretty fast procedure requiring minimal recovery duration when performed as a stand-alone.

Schedule a consultation now with Dr. Thompson to determine your chances with temporal lift. You may do the reservations by calling our office at (801) 666-2820 or via this Reservation Form.

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