the United States, there is quite a general consensus that fuller lips are more appealing. Think Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, etcetera. Having thin lips is not unappealing per se – but there’s a sense of belief that fuller lips mean more pronounced beauty and youth. When you come to this world, you are either born with full lips or with small, thin lips. However, it is also possible to lose lip volume and definition as you increase in age.

Being a common aesthetic desire to increase lip volume, lip enhancing procedures are quite common as well. You have to know your cosmetic options with respect to lip enhancement or lip augmentation.

Utah Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Scott Thompson believes that there’s no single procedure that is perfect for all people. For this reason, he makes different lip enhancing options available to his patients in Salt Lake City and elsewhere. Indeed, he offers a myriad of treatments from more permanent surgery options as fat injections to non-surgical, temporary enlargement with fillers such as Restylane® and Juvederm®. The choice is really up to you.

Dr. Thompson is mindful that the lips are a detailed 3-dimensional facial structure, hence their enhancement should preserve proper proportions with the rest of your facial appearance. The Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon will undertake a comprehensive anatomic analysis to design an individualized treatment on you. He will utilize his proven surgical skills and experience to provide you Lip Enhancement Salt Lake City with most pleasing, natural results.

During consultations, Dr. Thompson will discuss with you the appropriate lip procedure based on your personal circumstances and goals. As it is, you will be provided with an overview of what to expect post-operation, like the Before&After Photos of past patients.

Whatever choice you make, Dr. Thompson himself will perform either the lip surgery procedure or the administering of fillers and injectables. Moreover, the Utah Plastic Surgeon will tell you the recovery options and realistic expectations to have when your procedure is done. He emphasizes to all patients that, while the lip procedure can improve their appearance, they are still the same person when they go out from his surgery office.

For one-on-one discussion with Dr. Thompson, call us at the Salt Lake City Office at (801) 666-2820 or thru this Consultation Request Form.


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