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The popularity of cosmetic procedures these days can no longer be denied. Even the economics side is agreeable to this fact: the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently reported that the total number of cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. has reached 14.6 million in 2012 or a 5 percent increase compared to the 2011 data.

A gloomy facet to this popularity, however, is that an increasing number of people have claimed to have been shortchanged after undergoing a surgical procedure. Many of these claims are true indeed – not just fodder for the tabloids. Aside from cost and effort considerations, going through a lousy surgery can compromise or, in worse cases, even damage your physical appearance. To avoid hassle and cosmetic disaster, you must be discerning in your trip to a plastic surgeon’s office. Do it properly the first time!

Let’s say, you are planning to undergo a Facelift Surgery. How can you maximize your benefits from the surgery and practically get it right the first time?

1. Know Your Issue. Since you are thinking of having facelift or rhytidectomy done, definitely you have facial skin problems that you want to be solved surgically. Know the specific problems you want to be addressed. Is it a jowl or fleshy lower cheek? Loose skin on the neck?

2. Communicate Clearly Your Goal. The direct consequence of knowing your problem is that you can share it to your chosen surgeon. Be clear, open and straightforward with your communication. Expect or seek the same level of communication from your doctor. Essentially, determine if your cosmetic aspiration is attainable – if not fully, what extent of compromise can be achieved.

3. Be Realistic. It is ideal to have an optimistic and enthusiastic mindset, but be sure to tame such optimism with what is surgically possible. If your expectations are way too high, you are bound to be dissatisfied no matter the results. However, if warranted during consultation or post-operation, determine from your surgeon what else can be done.

4. Know Metes & Bounds of Rhytidectomy. One of the trends these days in the cosmetic world is specialization. For a specific cosmetic problem, there’s a specific cosmetic procedure for that. Be mindful that facelift or rhytidectomy surgery is primarily designed to get rid of loose and sagging skin of the lower face and neck. Specifically, it is intended to rejuvenate sagging cheeks, “jowls,” loose skin of the neck (“turkey neck”), or deepening lines at the corners of the mouth. While facelift can dramatically improve overall facial appearance, cosmetic issues in the mid and upper face should consider other procedures/techniques like endoscopic forehead and midface lift surgeries.

5. Determine Other Options. You have other options, of course, aside from surgery procedures. There are less invasive procedures that may involve the use of chemical peels or laser technology. But perhaps those minimally invasive procedures are not too big on dramatic results, so determine as well their limitations and advantages.

6. Pick the Best Plastic Surgeon. By this, it means that, really, you have to pick the best plastic surgeon you can get to perform the facelift procedure on you. Most of the tips given above are only achievable if you go for a surgeon with extensive training and experience in performing rhytidectomy procedures. It should be a surgeon who values the need of patients to know well the pros and cons regarding facelift. Moreover, it is a huge plus if your surgeon is board certified by his peers.

Dr. Scott Thompson is a Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon based in Salt Lake City. For years, he is a highly regarded specialist in Utah facelift surgery procedures. Aside from being skilled and respected, Dr. Thompson puts premium on one-on-one consultation with each patient to discuss all angles that can help him or her achieve the best yet natural cosmetic appearance. Most importantly, he will make sure that you work closely with him in attaining the right and proper facelift the first time you have it.

Schedule a consultation now with Dr. Thompson to determine your chances with face lift surgery. You may do the reservations by calling our office at (801) 666-2820 or via this Reservation Form.


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