Utah Rhinoplasty: Is It For You?

Have you been considering getting a nose job? Whether or not to have plastic surgery can be a tough decision to make and, while friends and family may offer advice on the pros and cons, it is up to you to make the decision in the end. Here at our Utah plastic surgery practice, we make it a point to help you have all the information you need to make an informed decision on your Utah rhinoplasty.

Below is a list of guidelines to help you figure out if a nose reshaping surgery is for you:

Are you seeking improvement or perfection?

The decision to have  plastic surgery should not stem from one’s desire to be perfect. Your reasons for seeking rhinoplasty should not emanate from somewhat distorted or unrealistic expectations. Otherwise you may fall into the trap of repeated surgeries trying to obtain perfection, and instead you can end up with permanent disfigurement or health complications. A rhinoplasty should be viewed as a procedure to simply enhance or improve your nasal contours for a more natural and harmonious look.

Do you have realistic expectations?

There is no ideal nose. Even the most dramatic change after rhinoplasty could not turn a nose that is aesthetically unpleasant into a perfect nasal contour. Dr. Thompson’s aim in rhinoplasty is to create an attractive and functional nasal contour in relation to the rest of your facial proportions. Hence, it is best to think about cosmetic improvements rather than perfection.

Have you thought of other risks and complications?

Like all other types of surgeries,  plastic surgeries have their own set of risks and complications. While Dr. Thompson has the combination of talent, skill, and knowledge in performing rhinoplasty, there is still a small chance for risks and complications. Before giving the go-signal, it is very important that you are aware of the risks and complications that accompany the procedure.

Choosing Your Salt Lake City Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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