Beauty Serving Size: How Much Skincare & Hair Product Do You Really Need?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all added that extra pump of anti-aging cream in hopes of taking off double the years or work as well as more expensive anti-aging skincare procedures but is it really worth it? Most quality products don’t come cheap so you want to only use what you really need. Not sure how much that is? makes it simple with fab infographic you can print and paste on your bathroom mirror! Whether it’s serums for facial resurfacing, lotions for moisturizing, or fancy creams for your hair, it’s all here in one handy place.



Serving size: 2 raisins

Start with the suggested serving size and if you still feel dry in certain areas, add a few more raisins to those areas only.


Serving size: a pea

Retinols and serums, like those from Obagi & SkinCeuticals, are not only fluid but highly concentrated. That means they absorb quickly into the skin and you don’t need much to get the benefits. A pea-size may seem like too little but it’s actually plenty. And using too much of any anti-aging ingredients can irritate the skin and counteract the positive benefits.


Serving size: 1 grape per body part – only a pea size if using SkinCeuticals sunscreens on the face

This is probably the only product that people don’t use enough of. For the face, a pea-size will do. If you’re going to be out the sun for extended amounts of time, be sure to apply every 3-4 hours. Use one grape size amount of sunscreen for your torso, and one grape per arm and leg.


Serving size: a blackberry for short hair; a strawberry for long hair

It’s hard not to go overboard with shampoo for that extra clean shine but it’s actually not necessary to lather from root to tip. Squeeze out a blackberry amount if you have short hair and strawberry for long. Concentrate the suds on the roots and stop lathering halfway down your hair to avoid trying out the ends.


Serving size: a cherry for short hair, 2 raspberries for long hair

Too much conditioner will only way your hair down. Just use enough to coat strands from the mid-shaft to the ends. For short hair, that will be a dollop about the size of a cherry and for long hair, 2 raspberries. If you have especially coarse, dry hair you can add a little more if needed.


Serving size: 1 or 2 macadamia nuts

Don’t over do it, your hair will end up looking greasy. Just an amount equal to 1-2 macadamia nuts will suffice. Use your fingers to comb through your hair so it distributes equally.


Serving size: 1 to 2 pumpkin seeds

Styling cream is best used sparingly as well. You don’t want to weigh your hair down with too much product so stick to the amount of 1-2 pumpkin seeds. Spread evenly in your palms and apply to hair starting a couple of inches down from the roots.


Serving size: a crabapple

No one wants crunchy hair so use only the size of a crabapple since mousse is so concentrated. Lightly pat between your palms and finger-comb the mousse from root to tip.


Serving size: an almond

Less is definitely more when it comes to sticky products. Waxes and Pomade come in small packages and are meant to be strong hold so it doesn’t take much to do the job. Using an almond size amount will get the job done and you can always add more if you have extra thick hair.



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