SLC, Ut; Dr. Thompson of Thompson Facial Plastics Explains The MACS Facelift Difference When Considering the Many Mini Facelift Options Today

Macslift pat l quarter viewRenowned facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah discusses the MACS facelift procedure and other popular mini facelift procedure options advertised today.

“As anyone who has researched facelift techniques is aware, there is constant discussion and debate regarding various types of facelifts and neck lifts, possible results, and recovery time. Sometimes it almost seems like a new “revolutionary” facelift technique is developed every week. Proponents of certain techniques go to great lengths to explain why their technique, results, recovery time, and longevity are better than others.

Despite the apparent complexity and differences between various techniques (Mini lift, MACS lift, Swift Lift, Lifestyle Lift, full face lift, etc), the discussion can be distilled down to a couple of very simple statements. First, any facelift technique MUST address the muscle/SMAS layer to achieve acceptable results. Whether the SMAS is cut and removed, sutured together or extensively undermined, great results are achievable with a well performed and correctly chosen surgery. My preferred “mini” facelift technique, the MACS lift has been developed and refined over several decades and is performed not just by me and a few other surgeons, but by hundreds of skilled and competent plastic surgeons. This means that the MACS lift is accepted and endorsed by a huge body of plastic surgeons as an effective and safe procedure. The result of this collective experience is that the MACS lift has been modified and improved as necessary and has proven itself as a reliable, consistent procedure with long-lasting results. Techniques that are developed and performed by only one or two surgeons by definition cannot benefit from the experience, improvements and refinements of multiple skilled plastic surgeons. Other benefits of the MACS lift include less risk, since the procedure is done in-office under local anesthetic, lower cost, quicker recovery, less bruising, and shorter scar length. As for scarring, conspicuous scars are generally a result of poor technique and should never be a concern with any type of facelift if the incisions are closed properly. Please see our detailed description of the MACS lift technique for more specific information regarding the MACS lift.

The second important point is to accept that more involved and extensive techniques tend to yield more dramatic, natural, and long-lasting results while simpler techniques are intended to address more minor aging changes. The corollary to this statement is that the more complex and involved techniques also come with longer recovery and greater risks. For some patients, a MACS lift is not the best choice, and a more comprehensive procedure that addresses multiple areas of facial aging is recommended. The key to achieving the best results, least visible scars, and lowest chance of complications is to choose a surgeon with the training, experience, judgment, and skill that can maximize the chance of achieving the desired results while minimizing the risks of problems.”

As a board certified facial plastic surgeon whose career is devoted exclusively to the face, Dr. Thompson has spent many years studying and perfecting the best facial rejuvenation techniques. We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Thompson so that he can discuss your concerns, evaluate your specific facial features, and develop the best individualized plan for you.

Thompson Facial Plastics offers a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures to correct and prevent signs of aging and enhance overall beauty. Botox, lip augmentation, and dermal wrinkle fillers are popular non-surgical procedures as well as laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and laser hair removal. Surgical procedures offered include blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), facelift, in-office facelift (MACS-lift), rhinoplasty (nosejob), septorhinoplasty, otoplasty (ear-pinning surgery), browlift, midfacelift, and hair restoration.

Dr. Thompson is known for his natural-looking results and meticulous skill as well as his genuine concern for patient well-being and satisfaction. He practices in three locations and five surgical centers along the Wasatch front in Utah. Thompson Facial Plastics may be reached at (801)776-2220 or by visiting

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