Facelift Testimonial and Review from Utah Facial Plastics

Facelift Testimonial and Review from a Utah Facial Plastics patient in SLC, Utah:

“I found Dr. Thompson because I had skin cancer and the dermatologist sent me to the Huntsman Cancer Institute to have a fifty cent size piece of skin cut from my face and so I had a hole in my face. The doctor at the Hunstman Cancer Institute recommended Dr. Thompson so I went not knowing what I was going to get and I was so impressed with how kind he was when meeting him and after surgery you couldn’t see the scars. So that’s how I met him, with MOHS reconstructive surgery and he did a fabulous job.

That was in 2007, then later I started to look tired. And the age that I felt inside was not what I saw in the mirror. And there would be no other person I’d ever trust with my face than Dr. Thompson. So I went for a consult and told him how I felt. He agreed with me and gave me some recommendations. What I liked is that he told me it would look natural. I wanted a reboot but still wanted to look like me, just more refreshed.

I’m just elated with the results. I think he took years off my face. I look years younger without changing the way I look. He’s very direct, straight forward and down to earth. Hetalk talks to you in a way you understand what he’s telling you. He welcomes questions, welcomes concerns, doesn’t ever make you fell like you’ve asked a stupid question or that you’re being vain, because you are there talking about yourself and your looks. It’s a little uncomfortable sometimes but he is so gracious with the way that he treats your concerns and treats you with overall respect.

One of the things for me with Dr. Thompson is that he specializes in the face and the neck. That’s all that he works on and his area of expertise. I feel like we have our own jewel here in Utah and he’s a fabulous surgeon. He’s a perfectionist and very artistic. An artistic ability is not something everyone has already and I think that’s what makes him so talented. Even the logo, that he designed, has the S and the T that goes into a face, just shows the artistic side of him.”


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