6 Tips on Budgeting for Botox and Dermal Filler Treatments

Lets face it. Cost is always a factor when making “luxury” purchases. If we have a little extra we will try to treat ourselves.. or somehow make it work. And these luxury purchases are not usually cheap. I never thought I would reach the age where I started to notice the aging process and feel the need for regular maintenance. But I’m here, and it actually feels good to take care of myself. Although I’m only 30, I am taking that proactive approach in maintaining my age and do all I can to age gracefully.

Working in this industry gives me a ton of knowledge on everything and also the variety of treatments available. I am asked all the time by patients, “ What is your favorite cosmetic treatment?” Without hesitation I always let them know that I love my Botox! I have been doing it for 5 years now and haven’t had one problem as the risks are very low. I treat my forehead to give my brows a little lift, between my brows for that scowl line, and also the corners of my eyes or “crows feet”. Now adding this up, cost wise it is $400 or more. But the good thing is I only get my Botox every 5-6 months. Keep this in mind if you are a first time botox user. We recommend coming in every 4 months the first year and then after that you can start to space it out more. Even doing it once a year is better than never doing it. It will slow down those wrinkles from getting worse every year. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, generally last 6-12 months depending on the person, product, and where it’s injected. It’s also another product where the longer you do it, the more you can space out your visits. I additionally do other cosmetic treatments every so often such as chemical peels, laser resurfacing, etc.

We all have priorities and first things come first. As a mother, I understand that I am always putting the needs of my family before mine and that’s life. But I don’t ever feel bad when it comes time to taking care of me when I can because when I’m happy and feeling good, I’m able to project that on to others around me. Here are some tips for budgeting for some of these “luxury” expenses or what I call “maintenance”!

Set goals and prioritize in order of things you would like to do for yourself. You might not be able to get to them all at once but at least you are starting somewhere to make YOU a priority. Here are my top 6 tips to budget for Botox and/or dermal fillers.

Consult with Dr. Thompson to determine what treatment options will best help you achieve your goals.

Patients LOVE that Dr. Thompson has their best interest at heart and will not recommend procedures that he doesn’t feel will give them the results they are looking for. This many or may not include Botox and dermal fillers but if so, he will give you a recommended amount of product that you’ll receive a price quote on so you know what to budget for. If you aren’t prepared financially at that time, it will give you something to work for and look forward to!

Dr. Thompson will also let you know if more invasive options are best for you. Instead of spending large amounts of money on temporary treatments, a one-time surgical procedure may give you the best results possible.

Talk to your spouse if you share finances.

Agree upon an amount for each of you to spend on whatever your please to avoid  “surprises” on the credit card statement.

Set aside some money every paycheck that cover your treatments.

If doing botox and/or fillers twice per year, this helps give you time to save to you don’t have to pay a large sum of money at one time.

Consider starting your Beauty Bank.

This is a program we offer where we can automatically add a small amount of money to your beauty bank and you can spend it whenever your ready. This typically requires a credit card we keep on file but you can also bring in cash periodically to deposit into your bank.

Sign up for Brilliant Distinctions.

Brilliant Distinctions is an amazing program through through the manufacturer that gives you coupons for every treatment of Botox, Juvederm, or Voluma and every purchase of Latisse and SkinMedica product. We help patients set up their account upon their initial treatment and make sure purchases are submitted to Allergan so patients receive the correct coupons to print and redeem. The savings can really add up, especially when we’re able to offer double points for each of the products listed. This typically happens once or twice a year and is announced through eblasts, facebook, and on our website.

Stay on top of our specials!

We offer Botox and filler specials AT LEAST twice a year to help you save and afford your treatments. Make sure we have your email and that your getting our monthly specials in your inbox each month. You can also refer to the specials and events page on our website to stay current on our ongoing offers.


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