Modern Plastic Surgery Techniques

With the many options in plastic surgery today, it’s no wonder it’s growing in popularity. But did you ever wonder how plastic surgeons do what they do? Here are the most popular procedures and the techniques by which they’re completed. You’ll find that most of them involve incisions and the removal or relocation of skin, muscle, and fat.

Breast implant

In a breast implant, the breasts are increased in size by sticking a silicone implant into the skin via an incision in the crease beneath the breasts. These implants are silicone rubber shells filled with gel or saline solution.

Breast lift

Unlike a breast implant, a breast lift does not increase the size of the breasts. It is used to correct drooping or sagging breasts. This is done through removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue.

Breast reduction. This procedure is done to reduce the size of the breasts. The surgery involves removing breast tissue, fat and skin. The underlying tissues and nipples are then moved to a higher location. The skin from both sides of each breast is moved down around the areola.


A facelift procedure involves removing excess facial skin from the face, neck and cheeks. The skin is lifted and re-draped to smooth and tighten the skin, with the aim to create a rejuvenated look.

Eyelid lift

Excess skin, fat and muscle are removed from the lower and upper eyelids in order to create a more attractive appearance. It reduces puffiness and drooping of the eyelids.

Nose reshaping

A nose job is performed by removing unsightly humps or bumps, increasing or decreasing the size of the nose, and reshaping the cartilage and bones.

Chin augmentation

This begins with an incision directly above the bone, where an implant is placed. The incision can be made inside the mouth or under the chin, andit is done in order to create a more proportionate face or stronger jawline.


In a browlift, the skin in the forehead is lifted and some of the tissue and muscle are removed in order to get rid of dropping brows and make the face look younger.


In liposuction, fat deposits are removed from certain areas of the body, like the abdomen, thighs, chest and back.

Tummy tuck

In a tummy tuck, excess skin and far from the waist are removed. The result is a flatter and more toned-looking abdomen.

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