Cosmetic Surgery for Men with Utah’s Top Facelift Surgeon on Good Things Utah

12/4/14 – Good Things Utah on ABC4Utah

Nicea: Another episode of The Younger You with Troy Thompson airs tonight on The CW30 and Dr. Thompson, my favorite doctor, will be part of that episode and will be talking about how plastic surgery is growing in popularity with men. Let’s take a peak.

Clip of male facelift episode…

Troy: Many think cosmetic surgery is only for the women but guess what? That simply isn’t true. You blokes make up approximately 10% of all cosmetic procedures her in the United States and that number is growing. Today we’ll follow two men on their journey to get facelifts, right here in The Younger You.

Troy with Dr. Scott Thompson: What is the difference between a male facelift and a female facelift?

Dr. Thompson: The technique of a facelift is very similar but there are a lot of factors that are different in men than women. Even with the surgery itself men are more likely to have bleeding problems so we have to be aware of that and there are just a lot of other things to consider.

Male Facelift Patient #1: I have a genetic predisposition to my eye sagging over my eyes. My mother had to have surgery done as well. I was approved for insurance 10 years ago but in all honesty, I didn’t trust the doctor. And when I was introduced to Dr. Thompson, he made me feel so at ease that I thought maybe I could get up my courage and get my eyes done.

Back to set…

Nicea: If you saw the guy that got it done that’s actually our General Manager here at Good4Utah and his name is Richard. I remember him, Dr. Thompson, debating having this procedure. How long had he thought about it?

Dr. Thompson: He thought about his eyes for a long time because it was starting to effect his vision. Most people are considering facelift surgery several years before coming in to talk to me for the first time.

Michelle: Now why do you think men are so hesitant when it comes to cosmetic surgery?

Dr. Thompson: Well, I don’t think it’s really been considered standard practice for men to have surgery but there are a lot of non-invasive things men can do now. But men are bothered just as much as women when other people tell them they look tired or grumpy and there’s a lot we can do to still make them look distinguished but not tired or angry.

Nicea: Okay, like what? What other options are available and what’s the most common cosmetic procedure men are getting?

Dr. Thompson: The easiest thing to do is just a little Botox, like here around the eyes or in the forehead where scowl lines start to develop that make you look angry. It’s a very easy way to just make yourself look a little more pleasant.

Nicea: You’ve done Botox…

Dr. Thompson: Yes, I’ve done Botox many times myself. I’m a squinter so I started to get lines around my eyes and with a couple of injections, they’re just gone.

Michelle: And Botox is something you really need to go to someone who knows what they’re doing. I mean, you can get some bad Botox. I’ve been getting Botox for a few years now and you do have to go to someone like yourself who is very experienced and knows how to do it right.

Dr. Thompson: Yeah, and procedure, no matter how simple it is, can create a problem if you don’t really know what you’re doing so yeah, that’s important.

Nicea: So you have a guy sitting in front of you in the office, you’re talking about Botox, what’s the next thing that you would suggest.

Dr. Thompson: There are fillers, there’s Botox, then we start to talk about minor surgeries, sometimes laser procedures, and then a facelift would be one of the most involved procedures. And that’s really what you’ll have to do if you want to make a significant change. If you’re looking tired, heavy, have heavy jowling, that kind of thing.

Michelle: Is there anything you can do to prevent having to get that facelift eventually? I know that when you get Botox it prevents those wrinkles from really setting in more. If you were to start fillers younger would that eventually prevent you from having to go under the knife?

Dr. Thompson: Most likely, your skin and your soft tissues are going to sag no matter what. It has a lot to do with genetics, time and age. But it’s harder to fix things with surgery if you haven’t done anything along the way so it definitely helps to do these little things along the way. Then it’s easier with surgery to get a natural result and it’s not going to look like someone has had as drastic of a change.

Nicea: Are you seeing more men in your practice?

Dr. Thompson: Yes, I am.

Nicea: Are the wives nudging their husbands to come in or are they coming in on there own?

Dr. Thompson: Sometimes they come in and say their wife says they look terrible but usually it’s them and of course, I don’t want to do surgery on anyone when it’s not them that wants to do it.

Nicea: Right. You have to see this episode tonight. Richard just owns this and you have to see his before and afters. It’s The Younger You with Troy Thompson tonight at 9:30 on TheCW30. You’ll see Dr. Thompson there. And I had a birthday yesterday and no one knows how old I am…thank you Dr. Thompson! It’s all a mystery, 22? 16?

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