Celebrity Plastic Surgery Report: Brandi Glanville & Other Overdone Celebrities

We see it time and time again, especially in Hollywood. Yes, it’s celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong. When used correctly, Botox, dermal fillers and cosmetic surgery can do wonders. It’s just so unfortunate when many lose touch with reality and don’t know when to stop.

You have to wonder who these doctors are that are over-treating patients to a point they practically become cartoon characters. Less is often more when it comes to cosmetic surgery and patients appreciate that Dr. Thompson understands where the boundaries lie and takes too much pride in his work to give patients more Botox or filler than he feels is best for them, despite their requests and the extra money that comes with it.

Brandi Glanville made that news today when she stepped out looking a wee bit too frozen and pouty than she honestly should. We understand the emotional boost that comes with a nice botox and/or dermal filler treatment but as great as they are, those appointments need limits.

Life and Style Magazine posted her after photo today along with other celebrities who’ve taken their plastic surgery efforts farther than they should have! Here are a few of the examples in Hollywood of plastic surgery gone wrong.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star sure is entertaining and doesn’t need anything else on top of her crazy remarks to draw attention to herself.

Even Bruce knows his facelift was a bit too tight and the brows were lifted way to high. A good facial plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Thompson, knows to perform a browlift different on a male patient versus a female patient so that he still looks natural and refined.

If you watched this past season of the E Channel’s “Botched”, you know Janice is well aware of her plastic surgery addiction and it’s a wonder that any plastic surgeon could tolerate her enough to allow her to come back for a second visit.

There is no commentary needed for Lil Kim. Her face just screams “overdone” in every way possible.

Remember that when it comes to plastic surgery, less is often more! And be sure to research your facial plastic surgeon extensively before making any decisions about plastic surgery. It’s also important to see his or her work by looking at plastic surgery before and after photos, talking to current patients, and reading online reviews. Then meet with him or her to evaluate how well they listen to your desires and concerns and decide whether or not this is a person you can trust has your best interest at heart.

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