Bizarre Cosmetic Surgery Trends reported some interesting trends in beauty and cosmetic surgery in a recent blog post earlier this month. While yes, most are pretty bizarre, but some are either already quite common or certainly headed in that direction.


Thigh Gap Therapy

The whole thigh gap phenomenon is really quite sad. If you haven’t already heard about it, it’s the concern many women have with not having their thighs touch. It seems to have recently become more of an issue for many women, unfortunately, and is speculated to come from social media envy that women feel when seeing thin fashion bloggers and models with the coveted “thigh gap”. Thrive, a clinic in Dallas, uses a cold laser called a Zerona to zap the fat. The device is FDA approved, but the jury is out on whether it really works. Another reputable procedure for sculpting the body non-surgically is CoolSculpting, which has likely been used by patients seeking to decrease fat of the inner thigh area.


Eyelash Transplant

If you aren’t getting falsies glued in, you may be using products, such as Latisse, to grow and thicken your lashes naturally. False lashes can often look overdone and the time and money required to maintain them is often not worth it. Hair transplant surgery has worked well for years to address balding but is now being taken to a whole new level.  Many are now having hair removed from the back of the head and inserted as eyelashes. This procedure was originally developed for burn victims, and now it is going mainstream. The results are impressive but there is a downside. The hair will continue to grow and require a trim here and there. Patients with wavy hair produce the best lashes, since their hair naturally curls.


Cinderella Surgery

Cosmetic surgery for feet? If you love a good stiletto, then yes. Beverly Hills podiatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh offers “Cinderella Surgery” to remove bunions and make heels more comfortable, while Dr. Neil Blitz in NYC offers “Bunionplasty.”


Vacation Breasts

This new procedure is all the rage in cosmetic surgery right now as women are loving the idea of having a temporary boob job. Dr. Norman Rowe, New York plastic surgeon, used liquid injectables to give patients a two to three week boost. Although Rowe hasn’t revealed what his liquid enhancer contains – which means it’s impossible to know the risks, if any – it’s speculated that he uses hyaluronic acid, which is used in dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane. While it sounds like a waste of money to most, it’s perfect for those not ready to go under the knife that also want to look great on their upcoming trip to the Bahamas.


Earlobe Reconstruction

At Thompson Facial Plastics, Dr. Thompson fixed torn earlobes and previously gauged ears often so this one does not strike me as at all bizarre as the title of this post would suggest. This cosmetic surgery procedure is designed for patients hoping to get their lobes back to “normal” following a tear from a previous piercing or deformation from gauges. Once the lobes have been stretched beyond a certain point, they cannot shrink back to normal size. Instead, Dr. Thompson cuts off the extra skin and reshapes the lobe. Once healed, the ear can be pierced again if the patient would like. It’s a relatively quick, simple procedure with little to no downtime.


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