Top 4 Misconceptions About Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery in general, has become increasingly common over the years with even higher rates predicted for 2015. Despite the advancements in surgical techniques and positive results, many misconceptions still remain in the general public when it comes to facial plastic surgery. Perhaps that is largely due to the portrayal of celebrities who’ve undergone plastic surgery – often taking it too far – in regards to the negative media attention they receive. I’d like to address the top 4 misconceptions about facial plastic surgery that patients often have worries about when first consulting with Dr. Thompson.

Getting facial plastic surgery means you are ‘fake’ or ‘vain’

We hear the debate going on in their head, and often out loud, about whether or not they are justified in moving forward with facial plastic surgery, surgical or non-surgical. The fact is, most patients are looking to restore their facial features to help them feel like their self again and are not trying to look like someone else. The majority of patients feel that their outside appearance has started to inaccurately reflect who they are on the inside. They may start to get comments from others concerned about their tired or angry appearance, when in fact, they feel perfectly fine. Making a change to your appearance does not make one ‘fake’. We all strive to be our best selves on the inside and out.

You will look ‘fake’ or ‘plastic’

When done right, facial plastic surgery can highlight your own natural beauty and not distort or change you in any way. It’s important to choose a board certified facial plastic surgeon that can identify your goals and suggest appropriate procedures to help you achieve them together. You want to make sure he/she has a lot of experience in performing your procedure(s) of interest and look at actual before and after photos to verify the natural results. When it comes to dermal fillers and botox, you especially want someone who is willing to tell you when enough is enough and will keep you looking youthful yet natural for your age.

Facial plastic surgery is only for wealthy people and celebrities

Procedures have become much more affordable and with proper planning, a one-time procedure, such as a facelift, can be enjoyed for decades to come. There are financial options available and some procedures can be covered by insurance, such as certain rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery cases. We run many specials on non-surgical treatments to make botox and dermal filler treatments much easier to receive 2-3 time per year.

Facial plastic surgery is addictive

If you’re a stable person, you likely won’t need to worry about becoming addicted after a procedure or two. Yes, you can feel a positive boost in self-confidence and satisfaction that may lead you to consider other option but the right plastic surgeon will not perform surgery on someone with self-image issues that are likely to lead to addiction. And they will only make recommendations that are appropriate for you and your concerns. Patients that maintain a botox and dermal filler treatment regimen are not addicted. They are maintenance procedures similar to consistent appointments at the beauty salon.

Millions of patients undergo cosmetic surgery each year, despite some of the misconceptions that still remain. It’s important to consult with a qualified facial plastic surgeon that you can trust and who has your best interest at heart. Become educated on your procedure(s) of interest and make the best decision that is right for you.

Taking care of your health and appearance is not something anyone should feel guilty about. It’s important to feel confident and happy with yourself on the inside and out.

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