4 Skincare Tips From The Professionals

Not only is it the season for fresh starts and resolutions but a good time to address your skincare concerns and revamp your routine. Have you been slathering on the same products year after year with little to no results? Stop wasting time and money on the products that over promise and under deliver. It may be time to change things up and get some professional help.

Our knowledgeable aestheticians are here to develop a personalized skincare routine that is right for you. Here are some top skincare tips recommended by all skincare professionals at Thompson Facial Plastics to help you revamp your beauty routine and get you the skin you’ve always wanted.

1) Determine Your Main Concerns

What bothers you about your skin when you look in the mirror each morning? Is your skin overly dry and/or acne prone? What frustrates you most that you would like to address? By determining exactly what your goals are, you can do research on products designed for those specific skincare concerns you are facing.

Minimal issues, such as dry skin or the occasional breakout, can often be addressed with an over-the-counter skincare lotion that is not full of chemicals and parabens. It’s important to look online and read product reviews to get a good idea about whether or not this product may be right for you.

If your concerns are headier, you’ll likely be wasting your hard earned dollars on product after product you keep purchasing from the drugstore with hopes that one of them will eventually work. Banishing severe sun damage or reducing wrinkles will require help from professionals who can pinpoint exactly what procedures and products will help you achieve your goals. We typically have patients meet with Dr. Thompson for a free consultation first so he can provide all available options and make specific recommendations based on your skincare goals and concerns. He may then refer you to one of our master estheticians for further help with an in-office and at-home skincare routine. Goals are best achieved when patients are consistently using proper skincare at home and coming in for occasional treatments as needed.

Keep in mind that what worked for your best friend may not work for you. So it’s important to be open-minded to all the possibilities when coming in for a skincare consultation.

2) Establish A Routine That Fits Your Lifestyle

We’re all busy and a full 10 step skincare system will be too overwhelming for most. But on the other hand, if one skincare product promises to address absolutely every skincare concern possible, it’s more than likely too good to be true and not worth your money.

What’s most important is consistently using quality basic products while adding in some extras from time to time as needed. Everyone woman should have a mild facial cleanser (does not need to be expensive) as well as an all-over moisturizer. Dr. Thompson would add the importance of a good antioxidant and SPF to prevent premature aging and further damage. A topical antioxidant fights free radicals or damage-causing molecules that age the skin. Our most popular antioxidants include SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, as well as SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Repair, that also includes peptides and growth factors that stimulate collagen production and promote tissue repair.

To increase cell turnover, combat acne and wrinkles, a good retinoid product from a reputable source is recommended. Retinols are sold over the counter while retinoids are prescription strength and must be purchased at a physician’s office or purchased at the pharmacy with a prescription. Our favorite product includes a variety of retinoids with a moisturizing component that keeps your skin from drying out, which can happen with the use of retinoids. The product is called Refissa (0.5%) and can be purchased in-office in a few different size at a relatively low price ($45-$80).

Additional products used in your skincare routine may involve a brightening product, such as SkinMedica’s Lytera that helps address hyperpigmentation. Eye creams are available for those looking to address fine lines and wrinkles or puffiness and dark circles. We love either Obagi’s Elastiderm or TNS Eye Repair by SkinMedica.

3) Spend Wisely

Be wary of high priced products that don’t come from a physician’s office, especially those on an automatic-refill basis.

Direct sale and multi-level marketing skincare lines are booming but customers need to be aware that those selling the products typically have no background in skincare. That doesn’t mean they are bad, just that they are likely not the most informed.

Typically, medical procedures are going to offer the biggest bang for your buck. A series of chemical peels or laser treatments are going to treat hyperpigmentation much better than any skincare product on the market. After a few treatments, prevention with a good SPF and antioxidant becomes important to keep up with at home.

After that, products with a certain chemical component, such as retinols, that stays on your face for long periods of time should be your next biggest expenses. These products typically don’t require a large amount to cover the face and can last 3-4 months.

4) Embrace Change

If you’ve been trying a new product for 6 months and notice little change, it’s time to try to revamp.

Also, your skin does change over time and what worked in your twenties will likely not work the same in your forties. Hormones, new climates, and aging in general can change your skin dramatically over the years. You may need a intense moisturizer in the winter months and nothing at all come summer. It’s important to be flexible and revamp your routine from time to time as you experience new or differing skincare concerns.

To schedule a free skincare consultation at Thompson Facial Plastics, call (801)776-2220.

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