Lower Eyelid Surgery With Fat Repositioning

eyelid surgery davidThe lower eyelids are one of the first areas of the face to start showing signs of aging. The eyelid skin is extremely thin and fragile making it more susceptible to genetics, gravity, and sun damage. Overtime, signs of aging result in hollowing under the eyes and often bulging bags of fat. The cheeks also descend during the aging process which exposes the bony rim of the eyes adding to hollowing that often leaves many looker much older than they actually are.

Traditional lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) typically involves the removal of fat and/or excess skin in the under-eye area. For many patients, Dr. Thompson recommends fat repositioning as well for full under-eye rejuvenation.

Fat repositioning is not so much a distinct operation as it is a different method of handling the bulging fat under the eye. During surgery, Dr. Thompson surgically distributes a layer of fat over the rim of the orbital bone and advances it into areas depression or hollowing. By doing so, deep troughs and puffiness are addressed for a well-rested, rejuvenated appearance with no visible scarring.

The approach Dr. Thompson will take for under-eye rejuvenation depends not only on the evaluation of the lower lid but also of the cheek region. When patients have lower lid bulging and a pronounced lid/cheek junction (tear trough), simply removing fat will not correct the aged appearance. In such cases Dr. Thompson would perform fat repositioning to smooth the under-eye area for a more natural and aesthetic results. If skin also needs to be removed, this can be done through the same fine incision under the lower lashes. In many cases, he will also recommend lifting the cheek upward simultaneously to meet the lower eyelid and achieve a more youthful lid/cheek junction.  Upper eyelid surgery can also be performed at the same time as well as many other procedures, including facelift surgery.

Under correction or over correction are not uncommon so it’s important to see an experienced facial plastic surgeon when it comes to any cosmetic eyelid procedure. For more information on lower eyelid surgery and possible fat repositioning, call (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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