Lip Injections 101

lip injections

What do women want for Valentine’s Day? Luscious lips! We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions regarding lip injections just in time for the holiday of love.

Are lip injections for women of a certain age?

The answer is certainly not. Women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are more likely to seek lip augmentation to restore lost volume in the lips while younger patients in their 20’s and 30’s look to augment genetically thin lips or just to plump normal size lips for a more luscious look and feel.

What kind of credentials should we look for in a lip injector?

Despite its apparent simplicity, lip injections are one of the most challenging cosmetic procedures to perform. It’s important to find a physician or nurse with the proper credentials and training to ensure your outcome will look natural and not overdone. No one wants “duck lips”!

The lip area is also very sensitive and you want someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to needles in your lips. Lastly, patients have different preferences for lip augmentation and varying degrees of natural fullness. It’s not one size fits all which makes it especially difficult.

A trained injector will also understand the need to not overfill the upper lip especially. To create a balanced look, the lower lip needs to appear 30% larger than the top lip.

What options are available for lip injections?

We carry dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the skin, that work well to augment the lips. The one Dr. Thompson typically prefers to use is Juvederm. He has found that this product provides a natural look and soft feel post injection. Other popular dermal fillers for the lips include Restylane and Belotero.

Fat can be grafted from other areas of the body and put into the lips for a more permanent solution. Fat can also be added to wrinkles in the face at the same time providing all over facial rejuvenation which if often done in conjunction with facelift surgery. This option is more invasive but offers beautiful results as well.

How much do lip injections cost?

Depending on the dermal filler used, the cost will range from $500-$550. Dr. Thompson likes to start with a conservative amount of filler for patients receiving lip injections for the first time. That way they can let the swelling go down and see test out the fullness to see how they like it. There’s also less chance others will notice as the size is increased overtime. Patients can then come in for another quick appointment, free of charge, to add more filler from the syringe they’ve already purchased.

How long does it last?

Every patient is different but the average amount of time that Juvederm will typically last in the lips is anywhere from 6-12 months.

Is there downtime?

While there is no downtime after receiving lip injections, patients can experience bruising and swelling for a few days.

Are lip injections painful?

Without any numbing, yes. The lips are a sensitive area so you can expect a certain level of pain. We typically have patients come 30 minutes prior to their appointment to let numbing cream sit on their lips prior to injection. This helps immensely with the pain level and most patients tolerate lip injections really well.

For more information regarding lip injections at Thompson Facial Plastics, give us a call at (801)776-2220. Lip augmentation is offered at all three locations in Layton, Bountiful, and Draper Utah.

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