Uma Therman made major headlines when she stepped out on the red carpet this week looking drastically different this week. Plastic surgery rumors went rampit and continue through today.

uma therman plastic surgery

People were quick to point out that her hair was much sleeker than usual and her skin also appeared to be much smoother. It’s clear she is wearing lighter mascara, if any at all, and has toned down the color of her eyebrows as well. But is that the only difference?

Whether she had plastic surgery or not, her change in appearance is nothing compared to that of Renee Zellweger, who’s eyelid surgery was definitely overdone. For pictures see, “What Happened To Renee Zellweger?”. Renee looks incredibly different with no drastic changes to makeup and/or hairstyle.

Yes, Uma also looks quite different but it very well could be from the angle the picture was taken and that her forehead is completely exposed on top of the light makeup that is unusual for her.

uma plastic surgery

Whether she did or didn’t, the reaction to her subtle facial changes is disturbing to say the least. Plastic surgery is a personal choice and when done right, can greatly impact a person’s life for the better. But to start plastic surgery rumors based on such a minor change, especially in this situation where her makeup and hair are drastically different from previous photos, does not seem right.

Our favorite facial plastic surgery, Dr. Thompson, will weigh in later today. What do you think? Is there more to her change in appearance than just less makeup?


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