New Double Chin Treatment Likely Coming Later This Year

Dr. Thompson sees patients on a regular basis who are unhappy with the lack of definition below their chin. This is often referred to as a double chin and there is a new injectable treatment coming soon that will make it disappear.

Last week, an FDA advisory panel approved the new injection, Kythera Biopharmaceuticals’ ATX-101. The company is hoping for an official FDA approval in the coming months, making the product available later this year.

Submental fullness (double chin) is common among many and is often genetic, even among people who are not overweight.

Traditional treatment includes submental liposuction to remove fat for those concerned with a double chin. This can also be in conjunction with a chin or jaw implant for more definition and can be done in-office under local anesthetic. Submental liposuction involves making a small incision underneath the chin and suctioning out excess fat. While not a super invasive surgery, a simple injection to treat a double chin will provide a quicker, easier solution to remove fat.

Younger patients have skin that is more elastic so submental liposuction or a fat-busting injection like ATX-101 should work well to provide the desired outcome. For older patients, facelift surgery may be needed to tighten the loose skin under the chin and in the neck area in combination with liposuction. If fat is removed without surgery, patients will likely be left with more loose skin than they started with.

Like all other cosmetic procedures, their are risks involved and it will be important to see an experienced plastic surgeon who understands facial anatomy very well. When used appropriately under strict protocols by an experienced plastic surgeon, results have been very exciting in recent studies.

Dr. Thompson is looking forward to the release of this product to provide an exciting alternative for submental fullness.



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