Utah’s facelift specialist answer top facelift questions including “How long does a facelift last?”, “What results should I expect from facelift surgery?”, “How can I avoid a pulled up look following facelift surgery?”, & “Will I have visible scars from facelift surgery?”


How Long Does A Facelift Last?

Depending on which type of facelift is performed, a facelift can last anywhere from 2 years to 20 years. Everyone will continue to age following the surgery but depending on what is done, the longevity can vary. That is why it’s important to sit down and discuss that specifically with the surgeon.


What Results Should I Expect from Facelift Surgery?

Results from facelift surgery can vary from really subtle to  dramatic depending on what we’re trying to achieve. It’s important to sit down with your surgeon and delineate your goals and get a good idea what’s achievable.


How Can I Avoid Getting A Pulled Up Look From A Facelift?

The best way to avoid getting a pulled up look from a facelift is to have your surgery from someone who understands the anatomy of the face and the fact that tight skin is not really what we’re after, it’s not a youthful feature at all. But the facelift needs to address the deeper tissues of the face.


Will I Have Visible Scars from a Facelift Surgery?

Every time a cut is made on the skin and sewed up, there will be some evidence of a scar. The key is that the incision in the skin has to be close so it’s under no tension and has to be sutured in a very specific way. By closing the incision in that manner the scar can be a very fine line that is sometimes completely imperceptible.

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