What is Neograft?

Patients often come to Dr. Thompson asking, “What is Neograft”? They’ve typically started seeing new ads and hearing about the experiences of friends and family who have undergone treatment. Neograft is an exciting new treatment for hair loss that provides patients with fuller, thicker hair with completely natural results.

Neograft utilizes the most advanced, minimally-invasive, automated hair restoration technology today. It is the first and only FDA cleared follicular unit harvesting and implantation system available for men and women.

The two most popular techniques for hair transplant surgery are follicular unit transplant (FUT or the “strip-method”) and follicular unit extraction. Both methods harvest grafts from dense areas of the scalp and transplant to thinning areas of the head. The difference is in how the grafts are harvested.

Most hair restoration facilities mainly offer FUT, which is performed by excising a large strip of hair from the back of the head to dissect grafts from. The difference between FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation or the “strip method”) and FUE is the way follicular units are extracted from the head. With FUT a large strip of hair excised from the back of the scalp to harvest grafts and with FUE, each graft is removed one at a time throughout the entire scalp. FUT has been more popular in recent years as the grafts is easier to extract and don’t run the risk of damage like they do with a hand punch for FUE. It also takes a lot longer to perform the procedure and may require a few days to complete.

Neograft is a form of FUE but is superior in that it utilizes advanced, automated hair restoration technology. It is much quicker than traditional FUE techniques and the survival rate of grafts is 98%. There is also no down-time or large incision that needs to heal since a full strip of hair isn’t required to extract grafts from. The machine is assisted with a skilled technician that extracts every fourth follicular unit to prepare for transplantation. It’s quickly becoming a much more popular method for hair restoration surgery as patients are able to wear their hair short and not worry about a long scar on the back of their scalp showing. Any sign of extraction is virtually undetectable with the use of Neograft technology.

To learn more about Neograft, visit www.NeoGraft.com or call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott Thompson.



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