5 Inexpensive Celebrity Skincare Hacks

At Utah Facial Plastics we carry a number of top physician grade skincare product that tackle the toughest of skincare concerns. The big hitters include SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum for wrinkles and prevention, SkinCeuticals UV Defense sunscreen for prevention, Refissa Retinol for aging, and the Lytera Brightening System for pigmentation. But there are many skin concerns that can easily be treated with ingredients in your own pantry or local drugstore at a super low cost. Just ask the celebrities! We’ve listed the top 5 inexpensive celebrity skincare hacks you’ll certainly want to try.


1) Bag Balm

Shania Twain swears by it…must we say anything else? Bag Balm is an ointment made to soften a cow’s udder for milking. Shania uses it as a nightly moisturizer that makes her complexion smooth and silky. You can buy Bag Balm on Amazon for $8.49 and it will last you months before needing to be repurchased.


2) Honey

TV host and former model Padma Lakshmi washes her face first and then slathers on honey while in the shower. She swears it’s worth it for nice smooth skin.


3) Sugar & Lemon

Jessica Biel adds sugar to her daily cleanser when she needs to exfoliate her skin. You can also sprinkle sugar on a sliced lemon to get rid of blackheads and acne while making skin look more radiant. Lemons are a natural antiseptic and excellent for removing dirt and bacteria from pores.


4) Cold Washcloths

Supermodel Rachel Hunter picked up this trick in Japan; keep your washcloths in the fridge so they’re nice and cold when you use them. Using a cold cloth reduces redness and swelling, making pores appear small. It also helps with puffy eyes and gives your skin a healthy glow.


5) Petroleum Jelly

J-Lo removes her makeup with petroleum jelly so why wouldn’t you? That’s how she cleans and moisturizes her face at the same time. For as little as $2.50, you can have both a cleanser and moisturizer!

For bigger skin concerns, Utah Facial Plastics offers a variety of laser treatments, skincare product, and in-office chemical peels to help you achieve your goals. Call (801)776-2220 for more information.

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