Did Iggy Azalea Get Facial Plastic Surgery?

Facial plastic surgery reports have been swirling since Iggy Azaela showed off a new look at the Billboard Awards on Sunday night (photo on the left). Media outlets immediately began speculating what facial plastic surgery procedures she must have had done. Especially after opening up about her recent breast augmentation.

The “Pretty Girls” rapper, age 24, is speculated to have received rhinoplasty surgery as well as a chin implant. Based on the before (from March of this year) and after photos, it does appear that the star likely received both surgeries, which is a common combination Dr. Thompson often performs as well. The nasal tip looks smaller and softer in the after photo and the chin more refined.

The nose is the most defining feature of the face and has a significant impact on a person’s appearance. The size of the chin has the ability to make the nose appear artificially larger than it actually is, and sometimes patients just receive an chin implant or undergo both a rhinoplasty and chin implant to balance out their facial features.

What’s difficult for celebrities is that fans grow accustomed to their appearance with the constant photos posted and/or television appearances. So it’s difficult to make any changes without sparking major rumors and commentary from fans and reporters alike.

The reviews are mixed…many fans do not like the new look while others think she looks great. We’re curious…what do you think?

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