The Truth about the Origin of Wrinkles

The appearance of wrinkles, creases, and folds is synonymous with aging. Yet there are actually factors that you can control to delay or mitigate some of the physical signs of aging. Knowledge of these factors, most of which are lifestyle or environmental, can help you take steps to reduce your risk of looking older than you should look.

Environmental factors
Ultraviolet radiation from sun exposure tops the list of environmental factors that accelerate skin aging. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation estimates that 90 percent of visible skin aging can be attributed to sun exposure. Ultraviolet radiation quickly depletes your body of collagen and elastin — two important components of naturally youthful, plump skin.

Additionally, living in a dry climate, living at altitude, second-hand smoke, and air pollution also take a toll on your skin.

Lifestyle factors
You are certainly what you eat! The type and quality of food you put in your body will have a profound impact on the state of your skin. If it’s mostly garbage that you’re eating, it’s likely your skin will take on an unhealthy, pasty look. Conversely, a diet filled with leafy greens, nutrient-dense protein such as fish and meat, and brightly colored fruits will also keep your skin naturally glowing from the inside. Folds and wrinkles will be less obvious as the skin takes on a smooth texture.

Sufficient hydration is also crucial; the body is 60 percent water. Dehydration, even to a slight degree, will not only lead to dry skin but can potentially lead to failure of the tissues and organs to function effectively.

Genetics and repeated muscle contractions are two factors that influence wrinkle formation that are out of your control. You can’t live without smiling or frowning. But these muscle contractions do form wrinkles.

If the appearance of wrinkles and lines is bothering you, we encourage you to get in touch with the Utah Facial Plastics team! Our staff can help find anti-aging solutions based on your existing issues, needs, and preferences. Call 801-776-2220 to set up an appointment today.

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