Facelift Following Weight Loss with Utah Facial Plastics on Good Things Utah

Nicea DeGering: “It’s a Thursday, that means it’s a brand new episode of the Younger You with Troy Thompson tonight on the CW and one of our favorite is own the show.”

Michelle Money: “The favorite…Dr. Thompson from Utah Facial Plastics. You are like our favorite…you make us look good, literally! ”

Nicea DeGering: “When we make recommendations, this is the recommendation we are making and I love that you were part of a total body makeover on the show. You did the facial portion of the makeover on the show. Give us a little preview…”

Dr. Thompson: “So this lady actually lost about 140 pounds and ended up with just a lot of lose soft tissue so I worked on the neck part and Dr. Dunkley worked on the body part. We actually did quite a bit, we lifted her neck, her face, her brow, and her eyelids. It was quite an extensive thing and I think it will be pretty neat to see the transformation.

Nicea DeGering: “We have a clip…take a look at what Dr. Thompson did…”

Troy Thompson: “People at home will think that at 50 years of age, it’s not a priority.”

DeAnn (patient): “I know, but they aren’t in my shoes and they don’t know all the stuff that has gotten me here.”

Troy: “What has gotten you to here?”

Dr. Thompson: “DeAnn lost a lot of weight and that’s one of the reasons she has a lot of loose skin. With that in mind, we take that approach when looking at her face.

DeAnn : “It’s kind of hard but I’ve got a great family, great friends, a really good support system. It’s been a tricky load to haul but judge away but I’ll tell you when you see me next year in Bora Bora on the beach, you’ll be thinking ‘That lady is a hot-sauce’!”

Nicea DeGering: “Look at her confidence! That’s what changed.”

Dr. Scott Thompson: “It’s tremendous what sometime even a little injection can do but for her, it was a pretty dramatic transformation. It’s exciting and she’s really excited. It’s what I do every day so I get to see this kind of change for people on a regular basis.”

Michelle Money: “You must get emotionally involved in cases like this.”

Dr. Thompson: “I do, especially when you see people over and over, you find out a lot about them, what they do for a job, you just kind of find out all these details, and I’m kind of personally invested in their lives.”

Nicea DeGering: “It’s part of their relationship with the mirror and what makes them feel good. And also, we are headed to Layton to be with Dr. Thompson on November 5th to get everyone ready for the holidays. What are we doing?”

Dr. Thompson: “We’re going to do a little seminar on the latest non-surgical things that we do and then we have all kinds of fun things going on. We’ll do some consultations and have our nurse injector  there as well so it should be really good.”

Nicea DeGering: “If you have any questions, that is the time to go and ask. Coming up on November 5th, go to www.UtahFacialPlastics.com to learn more. Thanks for being here.”

Dr. Thompson: “Thank you, my pleasure.”

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